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Need an Escape? Try Reading Tropical Heat

tropicalheat_postcardPicture this: a white sand beach, the turquoise sea, a fruity drink in hand and a shirtless hunk jogs by, his muscled form a caramel-colored hue from all the time he spends in the sun.

Sound appealing?

It does to me, but my schedule–not to mention my wallet–doesn’t often allow me to laze in a lounge chair, sipping pina coladas, ogling random hot men jogging on the beach.

If a Caribbean destination isn’t in the cards for you right now, you can always escape with a story, like Tropical Heat.


Surrounded by the cobalt ocean and the lush green hills, I couldn’t help but feel inspired. Jamaica was all that I’d thought it would be—and more. I closed my eyes and revelled in the sensations. The catamaran I was on swung and swayed to a rhythm that only it knew.

The sun burned on the breathtaking horizon. Thanks to the powerful early-morning light, the sea glittered clear to the bottom of the cerulean depths. I turned my head when briefly the calypso music stopped and the captain announced in his lilting island accent that we’d almost reached our destination.

Ocho Rios. We were almost there. As an artist I had spent the last ten years dreaming about visiting here, all of Jamaica, actually. Seeing the popular tourist destination of Ocho Rios had always been one of my deepest desires. The town was home to so much beauty.

The boat was en route to Dunn’s River Falls, and I couldn’t wait to experience the rush of the water, the absolute freedom of being one with the land as I explored the natural wonder. When I stepped off the boat dock and touched down in the soft sand, a hundred possible paintings flashed in my mind. The landscape that was set before me became my canvas. The beach at sunset with hues of tangerine, scarlet, turquoise and lavender. The beach at dawn when the sun kissed the shore good morning. The beach on a rainy day, with the turbulent churning of a navy blue sea against an angry, dark sky.


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