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Make Me Surrender – Brought to His Knees boxed set – excerpt – ADULT

Make Me Surrender is my novella (menage) in the Brought to His Knees boxed set.

99¢ for 11 NEW romances by your fave authors about Alpha males brought down by love…


Make Me Surrender cover art for July Newsletter - 3


She has a proposition…to win their attention, passion, hearts.

For over a year, Mercy’s had her eye on Travis and Dutch, two of the hottest guys on the Oregon coast. Dark and dangerously virile, Travis owns a saloon that caters to bikers. Dutch looks like one, right down to his impressive tats, and operates a motorcycle repair shop on the premises.

When a position opens in the saloon’s kitchen, Mercy sees a way to be near these sinfully sexy men, wanting the job and lodging, her cabin snuggled between theirs.

Travis isn’t so sure about having Mercy nearby. She’s deliciously curvy, but too nice. He’s into temporary fun. To Dutch, forever is a dirty word.

Imagine their surprise when sweet little Mercy encourages wild nights of carnal pleasure with a dash of bondage and spanking…followed by friendship and tenderness.

Before she’s through, these tough guys will be the ones who’ve surrendered.


“Ready?” Jill breathed, sounding excited.

Mercy wanted to throw up. The only time she’d seen this place was at night when she’d had the courage to drive by quickly and unnoticed. Afraid if Travis or Dutch saw her, they might think she was stalking them.


She nodded. “Let’s do it.”

The pickup rounded a bend. Nestled within the monstrous trees were a series of rustic cabins, their construction simple, square footage modest. They stood on either side of the largest structure, surely four times their size. It had a bold sign over the door, marking it as Smooth Rider Saloon. To its right was the motorcycle repair shop, its sign less impressive.

The guys’ pickups were parked in front of cabins Mercy guessed belonged to them. She didn’t see either man on the grounds.

Jill pulled onto the expansive front lot. Gravel crunched beneath the pickup’s tires and pinged against its undercarriage. She elbowed Mercy. “Look.”

Her heart leapt. “What?” She pushed up in her seat, expecting to see Dutch and Travis striding toward them.

The only thing that moved was the thick foliage stirred by the gentle breeze.

“That cabin. Way over there.” Jill pointed.

It was snuggled in trees and shadows, no signs of life around. “What about it?”

“Do you think they have their orgies there?”

Mercy barked a nervous laugh. “Only if they don’t invite more than one other person besides themselves. Look at how small it is.” She recalled how big Travis and Dutch were. Sweat prickled the back of her neck.

“Maybe they do it outside,” Jill said.

Or in the saloon after hours. Before Mercy lost her nerve, she left the cab and headed for the building, her cowgirl boots stirring up small whorls of dust. Shading her eyes against the lowered sun, she regarded the saloon’s windows, half-expecting to see Dutch and Travis watching her.

They weren’t.

Disappointment and uncertainty knotted her stomach. She motioned Jill over and whispered, “Are we early?”

“Nope,” she hushed. “Right on time.”

“Do you think they forgot?” Already? Barely six hours had passed since she’d propositioned them.

“They wouldn’t do that to you,” Jill assured, rubbing Mercy’s back. “Why are we whispering?”

Mercy felt like an unwelcomed intruder. As though she’d stumbled onto the guys while they crawled all over another woman.

Aw crud, they couldn’t be with someone now, could they? That would be too awful. She’d never recover from that humilia—

Her thoughts halted at the sound of footfalls. Not on gravel. On wood.

Like a well-rehearsed dance team, Mercy and Jill turned to the left. Beyond the saloon was a cabin Mercy hadn’t noticed. Travis and Dutch crossed its brief porch, filled trash bags in each hand, their chests tantalizingly bare.

“God,” Jill whispered.

Mercy leaned into her friend for support, dizzy at the sight of all those male muscles. Travis’s chest was deliciously broad, his hard pecs lightly dusted with dark hair. It trickled in a line down his firm torso to beneath the waistband of his low-slung jeans. His bulge seemed larger than it had earlier. The tat on his biceps pure male. Bold and wild.

Mercy whimpered then studied Dutch. She whimpered again.

His chest was nothing but smooth, golden skin, his tiny nipples the color of milk chocolate. At the top of the stairs, he stopped and turned, facing the cabin’s front door.

Mercy sucked in a breath. A stunning tat covered his entire back from shoulder to waist, even spilling onto his biceps. Most of it was of a soaring eagle. The rest, lines and whorls.

Jill moaned. “You are so lucky.”

Mercy’s cheeks hurt from grinning so hard. She moved closer, unable to help herself.

Travis reached the bottom step. Finally seeing her, he stopped so abruptly Dutch ran into him.

“Hey,” Dutch complained, his voice carrying across the front lot. “Move.”

Travis didn’t budge. In rapid succession, he regarded Mercy’s face, her boobs, bared midriff, shorts, thighs, boots. From there, his attention jumped to her hat before settling on her boobs once more, lingering there.

So much for the power of makeup.

Never had Mercy felt as exposed, not even when she’d been naked with her few and fleeting boyfriends. Oddly enough, pleasure mingled with her disquiet. Travis hadn’t laughed.

Neither had Dutch. Noticing her, he also stared, his jaw hanging.

By god, she’d stunned them to silence with desire.

Coarse lust flooded their faces. Their luscious shoulders bunched as though they were trying to control themselves.

Mercy hoped they wouldn’t.

Travis moved first. He dropped the bags and stalked toward her, his body oiled, loose, similar to a panther’s.

Jill stepped back.

Mercy remained frozen to the spot, unable and unwilling to retreat. Travis stopped directly in front, towering over her, his skin scented with a heady mixture of lime and musk. Lightheaded, she lifted her face, overwhelmed by his beauty and size, the thought of his naked body pressed to hers. “Hey.”

Travis didn’t seem to notice how rusty her voice sounded. He studied her mouth and searched her gaze, lingering there, as though he couldn’t help himself.

She didn’t want him to. Could eyes really be that color? A deeper blue than the sky. Mercy became so lost in them and the moment she didn’t notice Dutch’s approach until he came up beside her. His heat and clean, woodsy scent demanded she notice his presence. He’d stuck his thumbs in his front pockets, long fingers pointing to the prize between his legs.

Mercy’s toes curled as well as they could in her boots. She forced herself to stop admiring that part of him, dragging her focus back to his face.

He gave her a welcoming smile.

Her body softened even more. She leaned toward him, drawn irresistibly closer. “Hey.”

Travis spoke before Dutch could. “So it is you. I wasn’t sure.”

Mercy blushed at his abrupt greeting, catching his disapproval. She’d been so worried he’d laugh, she’d never considered he’d object to how she looked.

It was obvious in his arched eyebrow. He’d crossed his arms over his chest.

Clearly, Dutch didn’t feel the same. Delight played over his features as he took in her full length.

Confidence replaced Mercy’s misgiving. Rather than show Travis how he’d hurt her, she decided to kill him with kindness and gave him one of her sweetest smiles. “Sorry, you didn’t recognize me. It’s probably because you’ve never seen me away from Fast Fill. If you had, you’d know this is how I really look. Right, Jill?”


She was checking out both men’s chest. Mercy repeated, “I usually look like this away from work, right?”

“Oh hey, yeah. You should see her other outfits. They’re even hotter than this one.”

Mercy’s smile wobbled. Now, she’d have to shop for more. Before Dutch asked to see any of them or Travis got even grimmer, she pulled a check from her front pocket and offered it to him. “My first and last month’s rent. I didn’t include a security deposit, figuring my cleaning and cooking the first month would cover it.”

Travis tightened his arms. Prominent veins bulged on his biceps.

Mercy would have given a year of her life for the pleasure of licking them.

“Keep it,” he said.

Her belly cramped. She blurted. “You’re changing your mind? You can’t. I’ve already moved out. I don’t have anywhere else to go. I’d have to live in my car.”

“It leaks oil,” Jill said.

Travis ignored her. “I haven’t changed my mind. Keep it. You can stay here for free. Save your money for the first and last month’s rent on another place after your two months here are up.”

That’s all he was giving her was two months? “You said several.”

He stepped closer, crowding her. Mercy didn’t back away.

“I said a couple,” Travis corrected. “That’s two. With what I’ll pay you to clean and cook, you should be able to save enough in that time for another place.”

“You agree with this?” she asked Dutch.

“I own the cabin you’ll be using,” Travis said. “My call.”

“And it’s my money,” she countered. “Or rather yours.” Mercy stuffed the folded check beneath the waistband of his jeans and underwear, not caring how deep her fingers sank. Touching his hot skin, the silky hair that dipped toward his groin, was fucking worth it.

Color rose to Travis’s face. He looked down.

Mercy finally pulled out her hand and steadied her voice. “I don’t stay anywhere for free. Come on,” she said to Jill, gesturing her toward the pickup. “Let’s unpack my stuff.”

“Whoa.” Travis grabbed Mercy’s upper arm.

Tingles shot down it, curling in her stomach, dipping to her pussy. God help her, she longed to weaken against him, drown in his heat, the scent of his body. She stiffened instead. “Change your mind again?”

“We’ll bring your stuff inside.” He inclined his head to Dutch.

Mercy kept her attention on Travis. “I’m perfectly capable of taking care of my—“

“Yeah, I know.” He eased her closer and bent his head, his lips close to her ear. “But you don’t know where to put it.”

Wrong. Mercy knew exactly where she wanted his cock and tongue. Deep inside her. Trouble was, Travis seemed determined to fight that despite his hunger. Mercy sensed his desire in the way he leaned into her, his thumb rubbing her arm, his mouth still close to her ear.

She turned her face to his, their lips a breath away, the world dipping and swaying around her. “If you say so.”



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Brought to His Knees boxed set

The Alpha male. Strong. In control. Letting no one and nothing rule him…until he meets the one, and all bets are off. The world tilts, the bed rocks, and suddenly that tough guy finds himself Brought to His Knees—in more ways than one.

This collection of ten hot to erotic novellas and one short erotic novel will take you on journeys of lust, love, and adventure, leave you breathless and quite possibly in need of a cold shower.

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