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Explicit Content – Legally Bound Interrogation: Rafael – 18+


Rafael Interrogation

Daniel had images of Rafael bending him over the interrogation room table as Jesse prepared to go in to interview him. “Go easy on him?”

Jesse dramatically gasps “He’s a pro.”

“Yeah he is,” Daniel said with a smug grin. 

Jesse’s eyes lit up. “You dog.”

“Tell Raf to stay in there when you two are done. I have um…” He coughed. “Business to take care of after.”

Jesse pointed a finger at him then shook his head. “Tell him yourself.” He turned to walk into the room and Daniel shrugged following him. “I told you to stay out.”

“I’ll be good,” Daniel said.

“Doubtful.” Jesse took a seat and turned to Rafael.

Rafael wore a coy grin as he tracked Daniel with his gaze. When Daniel moved to take a seat next to Jesse Rafael shook his head. “Come sit at my feet like a good boy.”

Daniel slipped around the table to lots of eye rolling from Jesse, but he didn’t care. It had been two days since he’d had Rafael naked and he was anxious for some alone time.

“You know how this works.” The graph paper had already begun to be written on and Rafael laughed remembering what Daniel had told him about Jesse always staying with in the lines. “Shall we?”


“Rafael Argon.”


“Twenty-three.” Rafael says with a wicked grin across his face, pushing his fingers into Daniel’s hair when his submissive laid his head on his knee.

Jesse shook his head and wrote something down in the squares.

“Hey, don’t put me down as being fifty or something I’m the hero of this show.”

Jesse lifted his head and gave a wink. “Not for long. Next book is all mine.”


“As your lawyer I am advising you to think carefully before answering this one, Rafael.” Jesse grinned.

“Professional Dominant.” Rafael snapped, “And I usually get paid really well, but I’m thinking about doing you pro bono.”

Jesse noticeably perked. “Don’t make promises your boyfriend will be mad at you for keeping.”

“‘He can beat your ass. I have no objections,” Daniel said.

Jesse stiffened and shifted.

Can you tell us the story of Legally Bound?

Rafael’s face falls a little. “I get fucked over for the whole book. I hook up with a guy and have the best night of my life, shortly followed by what turns out to be the worst when McCoy has his boys haul me in on bullshit charges, then I come face to face with the guy I fucked the night before. He’s my lawyer and you were his partner.” He looks up for a moment before going on.

“It was a hard pill for my ego to swallow. But Daniel did some fancy talking and.” Rafael runs his tongue over his bottom lip. “Daniel went from being the guy, to the lawyer, to someone I can’t live without. We have a lot thrown at us in Legally Bound, but here I am with him.” He tugged on Daniel’s hair. “You know the rest and I wouldn’t change it.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

“Inside Daniel.” There is no hesitation to his answer.

Daniel wears a smug grin as he moves between Rafael’s legs. Jesse watches as Daniel buries his face in Rafael’s groin.

“Will you two cut it out?!?” Jesse stammers.

Rafael’s legs fall wider apart giving Daniel more access to him growing erection. “We won’t.”

Daniel mutters but it’s incoherent.

“Maybe you should give us a few minutes unless you want a free show,” Rafael groans reaching for the top button on his leather pants.

Daniel claws at the hem trying to tug him free before Rafael even has his zipper down, saying something that sounds like an agreement with Rafael.

Jesse pushes his tongue into his cheek. “Or I can stay for the free show.”

Rafael snarls and Jesse gets to his feet mumbling under his breath as he leaves.

“You’re such a good boy. Look how fast you got rid of him, and you told me it would be hard.” Rafael looks down tugging Daniel’s face up so their gazes meet.

“I like being a good boy for you, Sir.” He eagerly grasps Rafael’s thick length fighting against the hand in his hair to try and get to it.

“Good, because I have plans for you.”  

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  1. sherry1969 says:

    Just what I needed this morning after a long long night at work. Loved the excerpt.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

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