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Legally Bound Interrogation: Kennedy


Jesse looks through the small window of glass on the door, seeing Kennedy waiting for him. Her feet are kicked up on the table and she looks bored. 

He pushes the door open and walks in, careful on how he approaches her. She puts her feet down and sits up.

“Jesse?” Her face is laced with confusion. She frowns at him.

“Hey. Are you okay?” He passes her a coffee and their fingers brush.

“I thought Gray was doing this?” Kennedy’s fingers linger closer to his before she pulls the cup to herself, holding it with both hands. Her big eyes look up at Jesse and he melts a little. 

“Didn’t Gray tell you?” Jesse shifts not admitting he asked for it.

“He might have, to be fair. I’m walking dead. I had a double shift.” She sits back taking the coffee with her looking at him over the edge of the mug. 

Jesse worried about her more than he would actually admit. “You need to rest.”

“I will, after this.” Kennedy yawns and covers her mouth.




Two years younger than you, so when you tell the readers I will too.” She wrapped her hands round the coffee cup and blew a long breath over the hot liquid.

Jesse watched almost as if something remained unsaid between them.


She raises a brow.

“Next question then.” Jesse looked at his notes.


SWAT. And I’m damn good at it.” 

Jesse looked up from his graph paper. There was something in the way she said it, got to him every time. He loved the smug attitude.

Bra Size?

Kennedy stared.

Jesse grins to himself and pencils in an answer. “Know that already.”

What’s your story, Kennedy?

I’m your old friend.” She scrunched her nose a little. “Ex girlfriend I guess is more accurate. You come by and say hello now and again, usually when you need a favor or three.” She points at him. “It would be nice to see you outside of that.”

“I know…” Jesse’s shoulders slumped forward. 

“I’m SWAT, which basically means I work twelve hours and get extended regularly when there is a situation, which there always is in Chicago.”

Jesse scowls and lets her carry on.

“I see plenty of things I wish I didn’t, but I love my job. I live alone with my cats, I’m messy and I’ve stopped believing in true love.” She dips her head to try and meet Jesse’s eyes.

On a scale of 1-10 how girly are you?

She looks down at what she’s wearing. “About four.. ish.” When Jesse gives her a funny look she goes on. “When I get home I’ll throw my sweat pants on and an oversized t-shirt, you always catch me then. If I go out I do love skinny jeans and heels.” A smile creeps over lips. “Eyes up here mister.”

His eyes flash up and he clears his throat. 

Did you ask me a question?

No Jesse, you’re asking me the questions.”

Jesse shakes his head and looks around. “Next.” 

How often do you cut your hair?

Not often, and I refuse to pay the prices. I used to have it short.”

Jesse coughs. “I know. But I prefer it now it’s longer.”

“That’s why I cut it in the first place.”

When did you last eat?

“At work maybe? Can I pass on this question? I’m too tired to remember.”

Jesse growled. 

When was the last time you slept more than 4hours?

Kennedy’s eyes narrow. “Who set the questions? You or Gray?” 

Jesse shifts.

“This isn’t a Kennedy check up.” She set her jaw.

Do you have a carton of milk in your fridge?


Jesse pushes back out of his chair and closes his graph pad.

“Well, we’ll pick you some up from the store. I’m taking you home, you look like a ghost.” Jesse wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“What about this? I can’t let Gray down, or TRS.” Kennedy would sleep stood up if it meant she could help someone.

“I think Gray and TRS will agree with me on this one. Home. Bed.”

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