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Legally Bound Interrogation: Jesse



The room fills with the deep rich smell of coffee. Footsteps approach from behind and a cup is slid across the desk into my view.

“Morning Jesse, punctual as ever.”

He draws the chair opposite out, places his graph pad and pen on the table, before taking his seat. “Morning, Gray.”

I lift the cap off the cup and draw in the fresh coffee’s aroma. “Ready to be interrogated?” I keep my face straight and pull his pad to my side of the desk and start to write in my messy left hand scrawl.

“Can you please stay within the lines?” His coffee cup has stopped mid route to his lips and he’s watching my pen strokes intently.

“I’m the writer, Jesse. Let’s get started shall we.” This is going to be interesting. I may write outside the lines because, well I can.


Jesse Goldmen.


He spilled his coffee looking me right in the eyes. “Old enough to know better.”


Coffee spurts from his lips “Do you want me to get mobbed?” He side eyes everyone reading this. “I can’t tell you that live on TRS Summer bash, I mean look at me, who can resist this?”


Lawyer, and keeping Daniel out of trouble.” He raises his eyebrows.

Sexual Orientation?

Jesse coughs. “Under review. They have to read book two to find that out!” He leans back in his seat and gives me the eye.

Can you tell us a bit about your story?

Jesse rolls his eyes and blows out a breath before he starts speaking. “Well my story has been overshadowed by Daniel’s getting into trouble by thinking with his dick. I’ve told him time after time to think first and act second, but he has issues with the two step process.” He drains his cup, tapping the bottom to get the last drop. “Let’s call me the savior of Dan and Raf in Legally Bound. He digs the holes, I throw him the ropes to drag his ass out.” He looks around getting the hint of a smile. “My story involves my controlling wife, a hot new friend and tagging along with Dan to vicariously live through him.”

Tell us something we don’t know

“I have discovered over the last twelve months eighteen odd socks within my collection. That is unheard of!” Jesse leans forward. “Where do they go? I only own pairs. That match.” He nods at this fact, then his mouth falls open. “I bet it’s Daniel  messing with me!” He starts to stand up and I can’t help but laugh.

“Sit your ass back down.”

Talking of Socks, on or off?

Jesse leans down to pull up his slacks. “On, for now. You always lower the tone Gray.” He holds up a finger before I can speak. “But certain people complain about them in bed.”

What turns you on?

Can we come back to this question after book two?” There is a distinct twinkle in Jesse’s eyes.

What’s your ideal way of relaxing?

“That depends on who I’m with. If Daniel and I have had a big case then we go for a drink after work in the local bar. Watch a game, have a beer, usual guy stuff. If I have to go home then I run a bath and lock the door. Because when you don’t lock the door you have unexpected people just pop in on you.” He laughs but I hear the frustration. “Recently, I’ve found I prefer to have dinners with a close friend.” Jesse is lost in thought.

So you have your next relaxation planned then? With who?

“I’m a Lawyer, Gray.” He snatches the graph pad back then prints in neat block letters as he continues. “I know when to keep my mouth shut, and when to open it. He slides the pad back my way. As I read he stands and makes his way to the door.

“Jesse, get back here,” I side glance him, cocking an eyebrow. “I’m not writing this.”

“I’m a good negotiator, Gray. You should know I’ll win this case.” The smug look on his face makes me groan and fall back in my chair.

“Send Daniel in. We will discuss this later.” 

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