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FALLING FOR THE ENEMY G-Excerpt #3 contemporary romance

FALLING FOR THE ENEMY  Silhouette Desire by Shawna Delacorte reissued by Harlequin in ebook


G-EXCERPT #3: (first kiss)

He made no move to release her hand and she made no effort to remove it from his grasp.

All the magic of the moonlit terrace at the French embassy stirred inside her, engulfing her in a sensual cloud. She again heard the music floating on the air, could almost feel the sensation of his hand sliding across her bare back as they slowly danced in each other’s arms.

As if he had been reading her mind, he pulled her to him, slipped his arms around her and began to move to the music that continued to play through her mind—the same song they had danced to the night before.

It was all she could do to keep from melting in his embrace. She had never felt this way before. She closed her eyes and moved with him. In her mind they were back on that beautiful terrace bathed in the silver glow, a place where time had managed to stand still if only for a few minutes. The line between reality and delicious fantasy started to fade. She nestled her head against his shoulder and allowed him to envelop her.

They slowly danced in each other’s arms, moving to the silent music. Time lost all meaning and all reality. It could have been five minutes or it could have been two hours— neither of them knew, neither of them cared.

Bryce reached his fingertips under her chin and lifted her face. It felt so right holding her in his arms again. Their being together felt so very right. He slowly lowered his mouth to hers. All the feelings and emotions he had carefully stored away inside himself over the years flowed to Paige through his kiss. He had not intended to kiss her. He simply could not stop himself. It was something similar to kinetic energy—once it had started, the action moved forward under its own volition. Her lips were soft, her mouth sweet. What began as a tender kiss quickly escalated as his aroused passions came to the surface. He wanted all of her.

Paige had not been prepared for his decision to kiss her. It was wrong, things should be strictly business. He was the man who had been the center of her vendetta for six months. He was the man she believed was responsible for her father’s suicide. He was the man who had the power to put one hundred people out of work with the stroke of a pen—one hundred people who had families to support—by simply closing down her father’s company.

His kiss deepened and her thoughts and fears melted away in a burst of incendiary desire as she responded to his sensual mouth and the fire that burned inside her.

Bryce forced himself to break off the kiss he had initiated. He cradled Paige’s head to his shoulder for a moment as he took a calming breath, then he stepped back from her. Her kiss-swollen lips parted slightly as she looked into his eyes, bewilderment evident on her beautiful face.

He finally found his voice. ‘‘It’s late, Bradford. Go to bed. We have an early appointment in the morning.’’

A shaken and confused Paige turned and hurried to the guest room as tears formed in her eyes, hurt and humiliation coursing through her. Her thoughts were on Bryce as she sat on the edge of the bed. She closed her eyes and touched her fingertips to her lips. She still felt the power and passion of his kiss. He had touched the very depths of her soul, stirred passions she had forgotten she even possessed. Why had he so suddenly pulled away from her and dismissed her as if nothing had happened? Unlike the embassy reception where Andre had interrupted them, there had been no reason for his sudden change.

The sound of his voice from the other side of the door interrupted her thoughts. His words were soft.

‘‘Bradford…are you awake?’’

She hesitated a moment before answering. ‘‘Yes.’’

‘‘I…I want to apologize for what just happened. I had no right to put you in that position. Making passes at my female employees is not the way I conduct my business and it’s not part of your job description.’’

There was a very brief moment of silence, then he spoke again. ‘‘Good night, Bradford.’’ She heard him walk down the hall, then heard his bedroom door close.

FALLING FOR THE ENEMY, a Silhouette Desire by Shawna Delacorte is a Harlequin reissue in ebook, available at (do search for author name Shawna Delacorte).  Also available at Barnes and Noble in NookBooks and Amazon for the Kindle   Information is available on my website 


Paige Bradford intended to expose Bryce Lexington for the ruthless shark he was. But when they started working together, the sparks they gave off jettisoned her best intentions…. Paige knew this corporate hunk wasn’t what he seemed—but was she losing her heart…to the enemy?

Hiring oh-so-sexy Paige might have been the biggest mistake Bryce had ever made, but he had to learn what she was after. Especially since she had Bryce—the man with everything—wanting something far more precious: Paige’s love.

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