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EROTIC ENCOUNTERS Vol. 1 Anthology–Steamy Encounter R-Excerpt #1 erotic romance (Prize Giveaway)

This anthology, consisting of 3 erotic romance novellas, is my PRIZE GIVEAWAY for the End Of Summer Bash.

Secret Identity.  Hidden Lust.  Overwhelming Temptation.


EROTIC ENCOUNTERS Anthology Vol. 1 by Samantha Gentry is available in both print and ebook  from The Wilder Roses (the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance at The Wild Rose Press).  Also available at other online vendors.  

The anthology includes 3 of my Encounter books–Unexpected Encounter, Masked Encounter, and Steamy Encounter.

STEAMY ENCOUNTER BLURB:     Event planner Afton Pendleton is quite pleased with the arrangements she’s made for the grand opening of a new luxury ski resort. When she learns the resort’s dynamic owner, Gage Brennan, has been making arbitrary last minute changes to her meticulous preparations, angry sparks fly fast and furious between them. But before she can regain control of the project, a blizzard strands the two adversaries in an empty lodge and sparks of a different kind begin to fly. Is this a case of cabin fever or will the steamy encounter lead to something more lasting?


He placed his fingertips beneath her chin and lifted until they had eye contact. He saw intelligence, curiosity and a sensuality that made his cock twitch and nearly knocked his socks off. He didn’t see any anxiety or fear. His intention had been to kiss her, but caution prevailed. “Tell me about yourself. I don’t really know anything about you other than you’re an event planner and you’re from Los Angeles.” 

The physical contact sent Afton’s pulse racing and her heart pounding. The two of them may have been at odds over the grand opening party, but at that moment, she wanted to know him much better, intimately know all of him. Her pussy tingled. The dampness spread to her panties. She wanted that scrape me off the ceiling type of hot sex he exuded.

She couldn’t stop the slightly husky quality that surrounded her words. “What would you like to know?” 

His warm breath whispered across her cheek. “Everything.” 

For a moment, it seemed as if he had intended to kiss her, but then he apparently changed his mind. Relief or disappointment? She wasn’t sure which one she felt. 

Granted, the circumstances surrounding them were unusual. They could even be called awkward. But if he was even half as turned on as she was…well, it might be a few days before they could get out or anyone else could get in. A crackling fire in the fireplace, a bottle of champagne, the steamy waters of the hot springs and a building full of bedrooms. Could there be a more perfect set up for seduction? 

A more perfect setting for a steamy encounter? 

Her words were barely above a whisper. “I’m thirty-three years old, divorced a year ago from a controlling man who didn’t think I needed an identity other than being his wife.” It took a moment for her to realize exactly what she had said. What she didn’t know was why she had said it. 

“Ah ha…that explains a lot.” 

Her body stiffened. The sensual blanket covering her had been ripped away in the blink of an eye. She took a quick step backward to put some distance between her and the mesmerizing aura that emanated from him. “And just exactly what is that supposed to mean?” 

Once again the sparks of conflict flew between them. “I don’t think it meant anything. It was merely an observation. You’ve been resistant to even the slightest suggestion—” 

“Suggestion?” The shock of his words jolted through her. Her anger flared. “You weren’t making suggestions. You were demanding impulsive changes to carefully constructed plans based on nothing more than your whim. Days of hard work down the tubes just because you like the color green better than blue—” 

His mouth came down hard on hers, not only stilling her words but also driving the thoughts out of her mind. He wrapped her in his embrace, holding her tightly to him. She felt the heat of his passion, an intensity that singed every corner of her reality. 

She had been on the receiving end of her share of hot kisses, but nothing like this. It was almost as if her arms had a will of their own as they encircled his neck. She returned his kiss. Her entire being trembled with excitement. Never had anyone so thoroughly grabbed her senses with only a kiss. Her pulse raced. Desire quivered inside her pussy. 

The sexiest smile she had ever seen had not been misleading. It belonged to the sexiest man she had ever encountered, a man who had her mind swirling in a cloud of confusion and her body vibrantly alive with both longing and need.

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