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A quick, semi-steamy excerpt involving underwear


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In this scene, Amber has just been talking to Jaeger about her spy mission. His attention is immediately caught when she says the word underwear. Anyone wearing their cute matching bra and panties today? Not me! I’m lucky my shoes match when I head out the door. Enjoy the excerpt.



Amber’s life sucks. Her ex got her thrown out of college, then fired from her job. When she’s hired for a mystery shopping assignment, she hopes this is exactly what she needs to kick-start her life and get her back on track.

Jaeger is all business when he hires Amber to check out the spa he’s purchasing. If she can help him prove that the venture will be a success, then he can build his own future, not the one his family has mapped out for him. Becoming attracted to his sexy spy isn’t part of the plan.

Amber can’t see how she fits into Jaeger’s world, and he’s too uptight to ever fit into hers. Circumstances bring them together, in bed and out, but when a secret from his upper-class life is revealed, Amber must decide if she can trust him. Or is her life going down in flames all over again?


 Jaeger didn’t make a habit of lying, but he had to get off the phone. He couldn’t talk to Amber anymore. Now, he clicked through the channels, trying to find something to watch that would lull him to sleep. Something to get his thoughts off Amber.  It wasn’t working. His mind refused to let go of the image of her yawing and stretching, wearing nothing but a bra and underwear. The more he tried to force the picture from his mind, the clearer it became. She probably wore black, with lace trim.

Damn it, get your mind away from that. Amber was off limits. He did not need a romantic entanglement with that kind of woman. With any kind of woman right now. He had to focus on this job.

It didn’t matter what he told himself, Amber lingered in his mind. He could almost feel her soft skin as he caressed her, could taste her mouth as he slid his tongue past her lips. She would smile as she opened her arms for him, then wrap those long legs around his torso and dig her heels into his ass.

Moaning, he put his hand down his shorts. What would she have said if he told her how he was going to spend his evening tonight? Rubbing his cock and thinking about her.


Don’t Say No from Heat’s Desire Press

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Naomi Bellina

Provocative tales of love, lust, passion and magic


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