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Heart of a Lady final - EbookSu

Heart of a Lady begins a new historical western romance series
This is the story of five whores who want to become mail-order-brides.
At first this seemed an easy task. Answer the ad, pick a husband out of a
whole town and get married. But things that look easy are not always in reality so.
Jo Ella finds two men that she’s attracted to and must choose the one she really
wants as a husband. Will it be the reckless, rancher, or the Sheriff who
turns her head.

These books are full of fun, love, and calamities. But when Jo Ella decides she had
enough of the shady life and wants to become a lady, look out. From fun in the tub, to
kidnapped by outlaws Jo Ella’s new life proves to be exciting, especially when she has two men
wanting to romance her.

Can she put her lust behind her and make a wise choice for true love?

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