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Timeless Voyage

unnamedHere’s on of my newest releases on Amazon – Timeless Voyage

An Irish Pirate Woman And A Roman Sailor Form A Love So Strong It Reaches Beyond The Boundary Of Time

Off the mist shrouded coast of Ireland, a lady pirate, Anwen, captures the enemy, a Roman, Titus Rufius Kaeso. The Celtic warrior woman presses her hard iron dagger against Kaeso’s throat, but memories of fated lovers, druids and sacrifice, stay her hand.

Kaeso is also captivated by dreams of the woman he loved in a previous life, the mirror image of Anwen. In this lifetime they are foes, Roman and Celt. Can Anwen and Kaeso steer their timeless voyage to a happy destiny or will they be robbed of love once more?

This iron-age tale of a Celtic Warrior-Woman-Pirate and her tall, muscular, handsome Roman captive is set against the back drop of romantic beaches and the hill of Tara with characters such as pirates, an arch druid, and the High King of Ireland. In their first life Anwen and Kaeso’s love came to a tragic end. In this life will their love end in a wedding or a druid sacrifice?


Thank you,

Cornelia Amiri


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