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Six Tales–Six Sentences


Little bits and pieces of a story can be fun and interesting. Lots of folks share six or seven sentence snippets from both published and works in progress. So, this morning I thought, hmm, what about the first six sentences from the six books of the Double Keltic Triad.

So, here you go. Enjoy!

From the prologue of By Keltic Design

With three chubby fingers on one hand stuffed into his mouth, the child pulled himself upright. Wadding a corner of the blanket he sat on in his other hand and holding it to his face, he looked around. Something was different here. The colors were not so bright. He sniffed tentatively. The air was dirty and his fingers slipped from his mouth when he coughed.

 Another prologue…Fires of a Keltic Moon

Lara wandered away from her family. The big people were talking and she was bored. Her twin aunties had gone to visit the Queen and her young brother slept at Momma’s side. A heavy sigh lifted her thin shoulders dramatically. A patch of bright sunlight beckoned her from under the cool shade of the thick Faerie forest.

Knowing she did nothing wrong, she toddled into the open glade. Daddy had done this many, many times.

From Keltic Flight

The fey don’t dream. At least, that’s what they said. Whoever they were.

Just another example of how she didn’t fit in. Nanceen stared through the open portal connecting the Otherworld of Faerie to her brother’s backyard in the mortal, human world. Jaye had successfully blended the two halves of his heritage, while her twin sister, Kaelea, embraced Faerie almost to the exclusion of her human half.

The beginning of Wild Keltic Carouselle

She absolutely dreaded going back to work. Not that she disliked her job; she loved what she did and missed the camaraderie with her coworkers. What she didn’t miss was the back stabbing and bitching. After nearly six weeks off, getting back to her normal routine was low on Carrie’s list of priorities.

But, it was time. She’d taken the time off because she could. She’d hardly even thought about work—except to chuckle occasionally at the rumors she knew had to be flying at The Panther’s Back.

From the prologue of Keltic Dreams

His breechclout and leggings lay folded beneath a scrubby bush.

He had cleansed his body in the icy, snow-melt waters of the stream.

The circle of power had been cleared and outlined with colored stones laid out in a precise pattern. The worn, tattered blanket—the only earthly item allowed within the dream circle—was spread north to south to follow the path of the sun. Used by the fathers of his fathers, the blanket carried the essence of every quest that had come before, and soon, would guide him to dream worlds, as it also bound him to the earth while his spirit sought answers.

Taking a swallow of water from a hollowed gourd, he rinsed his mouth and spat the tepid liquid on the dry ground.

And finally, from A Fair Keltic Renaissance

The castle was nearly complete. Only a crenellated tower remained, needing just a couple more cardboard tubes. Jayse stepped back and surveyed the work with narrowed, critical eyes. Then a smile burst over his face and he chuckled. It seemed like he’d been working on his castle his entire life. And in a way, he had.


You can read the entire first chapter of all of these books at The Starr Library.  Of course, the ever present buy links are there as well. wink

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