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Message, poems, book cover and buy link

Poetry Book Cover-first edition

Poetry Book Cover-first edition


Something evil stirs in my town.
A festering unrest.
A defiant unease, a growing anxiety.
Moving ever so softly,
like whispers on the wind.
This thing comes swiftly.
No warning-as silent as breath.
Drenched in malice, it nears.
A friend to chaos, sloth and death.
So quick-a malignant mass.
Leaving behind the useless and morally dead.
So forceful, that many become chaff.
Consuming everyone within its wake.
It fed well-as always.
Until the next time-devouring all.
Slipping into homes, like fog on the bay.
Youthful disenchantment suffocates all.
Beware the beast is red as fire.
A mass of hate and poison.
Our dictators battle the war with little success,
for the King and his court,
squabble like school boys.
Only socialism will sooth the beast.
An iron fist cloaked in velvet is needed.
Something evil stirs.
I am ready-standing tall and strong.
I draw strength from within.
Honor rules my mind.
Courage stirs my desire to win.
For the beast is-procrastination.


Somewhere there’s a wife
thinking of her husband.
Wanting to kiss him,
even though he is far off.
She hopes he’ll live to see her again.
Helmet on-gun at his side.
As his family is kept in his heart.
Her hero stands with pride.
She knows she may never see or touch him again.
For a soldier’s life on the front line is slim.
She prays to be with him soon.
Oh how it breaks her heart.
He has risked his life.
For others to be safe and free.
Some must give little or all.

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