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Legally Bound Interrogation Intro


The door bursts open and as I cock my head, raising a brow as I see Daniel, storming in with Jesse hot on his tail. This is where things start to get weird, my own characters bursting into my office, what? Already knowing I’m crazy I shake it off and go with it.

“We have a serious issue that needs to be resolved,” Daniel starts.

Jesse elbows past Daniel, knocking him off balance. The tone of Daniels voices goes from stern to shaky as he adjusts his balance.

“No, Daniel has an issue.” Jesse glares at him, then at me.

“What kind of issue?” Both brows are raised now as my intrigue spikes. 

“Tell Daniel that I’m doing the interrogations, Gray.” Jesse’s arms fold across his chest.

“I’m fucking doing them, not you.” Daniel has regained his balance, taking his place shoulder to shoulder with Jesse.

All eyes are on me.

“Did I say either of you were interrogating anyone?” I lean back in my chair, kicking my feet up on the desk to watch the horror creep across both their faces. I’m a sadist to the core, and messing with characters is as much fun as messing with readers.

Jesse takes a step forwards. “No, but that’s the point isn’t it? I should be using my interrogation skills to show the readers how much of a bad ass attorney I am.”

“Move over blondie.” Daniel returns Jesse’s earlier shoulder bump and barges in front.

I start to wonder which one of them is going to jump on top of my desk first

“What the readers want Gray is ME. The gay submissive who can interrogate them into a whimper.” Daniel side eyes Jesse as he says it, almost daring him to throw his hat into the BDSM ring.

“Have you been watching those dam detective programmers again, the FICTIONAL ones?” Jesse shoots back.

“No.” Daniel’s cheek flush a deep colour of red.

I should really stop them now and tell them what I have planned but this is just way too much fun to miss out on.

“I knew it.” Jesse points a finger at Daniel and narrows his eyes. He mutters, “See what I deal with?”

“Don’t you have a game to go watch?” Daniel says with a roll of his eyes.

Jesse pulls the cuff of his shirt back and glances at his watch, his face drops. “Can we get this sorted quick, Gray? Bears are on soon.”

Daniel bursts into song “Blue moon, you saw me standing alone, without a –“ Jesse’s elbow meets his ribs.

“Yeah, and a beer to drink. Surprised you know what it’s called, not as if you ever have the label turned to face you. Anyway. Wouldn’t want you to be late getting home to Raf.” Jesse’s eyebrows wiggle and Daniel goes straight for his pocket, taking out his phone and checking the screen.

“You’re the one with a bed time” Daniel said, angrily. “Who’s doing the interrogating, Gray?” His eyes don’t leave his phone as he speaks.

“Well…” I did have a plan, but having experienced this, that’s all changed.

“Gray.” Jesse puts on his serious attorney voice.

How did I end up having that voice used on me? “Seen as though you are both adults, and can you will accept whatever I say to you, then this is how things are going to be played out.”

They both lean in ready for the punch line.

“Don’t be late, 9am. I’ll see you in the interrogation room.” I spin round on my chair and release my grin with my back turned.

“Wait, What? That’s not an answer, Gray.” There’s a sigh mixed with frustration in Jesse’s voice.

“See, it’s not you blondie.”

“Don’t you have a cage to crawl into?” Jesse grumbles under his breath.

Daniel’s gasp fills the room. “There are so many things I could say right now.

“NO SPOILERS. That’s only just gone to print.” Jesse’s smug look is priceless.

I’m watching their reflections in my Mac screen, trying to hold my laughter. Legally Bound really has unleashed some interesting characters.

Just as they cross the doorway, about to leave, I shout over at them both. “Don’t. Be. Late.”

Jesse places a hand on Daniel’s back and pushes him. “Gray’s talking to you, not me. Try and put the Dom down before lunch will you.”

I snicker under my breath earning a look from Daniel. If only they knew what tomorrow will bring.

Tomorrow I’ll be bringing you my characters. One by one, and you get to watch as they really are interrogated. But, who will be interrogating who?

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  1. Laurie P says:

    I love the sound of this book! TBR pile.

  2. sherry1969 says:

    I loved this! Now I need to now who does the interrogation.

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