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Explicit Legally Bound Extract – Jesse – 18+

LB Jesse Extract

Jesse loosened his tie without picking up his head. But the more pressing question is, you bottom? Since when?

Daniels cheeks flushed, and he looked away. Just for him. It was kind of…” He didnt know how to explain it.

My mind is blown.Jesse turned his head and stared at him. Kind of?

Shut up, curious fucker.Daniel refused to make eye contact, keeping his eyes on the rows of bottles along the back wall. Why do I share details of my sex life with you?

Because Im your best friend.

I need new friends.He sipped his beer, not looking forward to the rest of the week. As if today hadnt been awkward enough. Rafael had struck a chord with himhit on an irrational part of him that took away all common sense. He was going to have to find a way to put his attraction, and that spark, out of his mind so he could focus on the case and seem less like a blundering idiot. 

Now, tell me. I love Priscilla, but you see more action in a weekend than I get all month. Indulge your best friend.Jesse gave him puppy dog eyes.

I will never understand why a happily married man wants to know about my gay exploits.Daniel took another drink of his beer, trying to ignore the pleading face.

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  1. sherry1969 says:

    I love how Daniel and his best friend talk.

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