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Jianne Carlo – Prymal Lust Excerpt – Post #3 – R-Rated

Whoa! Things are heating up at The Romance Studio’s End of Summer Bash! Jianne Carlo here ratcheting the sizzling to a boil with an excerpt from Prymal Lust, the inaugural book in my new paranormal SEAL suspense series, PRYMAL.

Here’s a searing excerpt from Prymal Lust:

Tania had lost her mind. Was going mental in front of her parents and brothers. Didn’t care about anything other than finding somewhere private so Axe could screw her again. Suddenly Tania realized what had been missing from their lovemaking. “You never kissed me.”

He did such a fast three-point turn that the room went topsy-turvy. “A mistake I intend to remedy right away. At the left end of the hallway, there’s an exit door that leads to a greenhouse. I’ll meet you there.”

A firestorm lit her from within. She couldn’t wait for him to plunge into her. “Yes. Yes.”

The strains of the music mellowed. The last note played.

He released her from his hold and bowed.

An old-fashioned, formal bow.

The gesture went straight to her heart.

He looked at her like she was the only woman in the world.

She yearned to hold onto the moment.

The meager functioning gray matter left in her brain collected long enough for her to quickly scan the room.

Her parents seemed to be in the midst of a quarrel with Jaz.

Breede and Mishe hovered on the edge of the disagreement.

Senior Chief Johnson had a heavy flirtation going with Lissette.

Uncle Viktor was engrossed in a conversation at another table with a man Tania didn’t recognize.

Aunt Dozene, her godmother, had arrived late as usual, and was being berated by Viktor’s wife while Tania’s mother attempted to quell the scolding.

Axe and Tania’s absence would go unnoticed.

Tania couldn’t believe what she was about to do. Sneak away at her brother’s graduation for a quickie. But, she needed him inside her. Wanted to breathe in their mingled aromas. This was crazy. She had lost her sanity.

“I’m so fried,” she muttered to herself, but sidled out of the room anyway.It took every ounce of Tania’s remaining will power not to gallop to the door looming at the end of the long, long hallway. She spied the greenhouse the second the arctic blast brought by the sudden hail storm chilled her flesh. Before she could even hug her arms to ward off the cold, Axe scooped her off her feet.

Befuddled but strangely content, she snuggled into his chest, slipped a couple of fingers underneath his jacket, and worked her way through a gap in his shirt to graze his chest. He was hot and hard and smelled of paradise.

She was so ready.

Her pussy clenched and contracted.

He yanked the metal handle on the door to the greenhouse and kicked at the same time. A humid, hot wave of air blanketed them.

She sniffed. “Orange trees. They smell wonderful.”

“Wrong. You smell wonderful. Only you.” He nuzzled her neck. Nipped her claim spot. It felt so right. She arched to one side inviting him to taste more of her.

He flicked her chin. “To me, Tania.”

The way he stretched out her name had her on the brink.

“Axe.” She loved the way his name rolled off her tongue.

“We’ll talk later.”

“Okay.” She didn’t need words. Just him inside her. Frantic, desperate to feel him, she tore at his jacket’s buttons. One went flying.

He set her down. Grasped both of her hands with one of his and twisted her so she backed him.

“Please. I want to see you this time,” she begged.

For a spilt second he didn’t move. Then he lifted her off the dirt-packed ground until they were face to face. “Wrap your legs around me.”

She obeyed him immediately. Her skirt fell back and she shivered.

They both glanced down at her bare legs and the lacey red panties she wore.

“Not going to work.” He untangled her from him.

Puzzled, she watched him drop to one knee. He burrowed under her skirt and licked her clit through the lace. A sizzling bolt of lust sparked from scalp to bare toes. She wobbled and latched onto his shoulders.

He tore the panties down to her ankles.

She dug her nails into his jacket.

“Let’s take the edge off for you,” he murmured, his lips grazing her pussy.

Hope you enjoyed Axe’s and Tania’s chemistry!

Prymal Lust is now available at the following booksellers:
All Romance eBooks (ARe):
Barnes and Noble:
Taliesin Publishing:

Over the next few hours, I’ll be running a contest to celebrate Prymal Lust’s release on this week. Winner (s) will be announced on August 11, both here and on my site: and on my Facebook author page:

Here are the Prymal Lust Contest details:

PRIZE: eCopy of Prymal Lust  


Answer the question at the end of each of my posts and leave your email address in the comment. You can get extra entries by doing any of the following (one extra entry for each):

Question #3: Where ceremony are Tania and Axe attending?



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