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Hot Heroes of Spaceport Volume 1

Who doesn’t like hot guys? They grace the covers of books, they draw the eye in advertising and they command the silver screen. One hot guy is great. The four heroes of Spaceport Volume 1 are supernova hot.

B.J. McCall

Captain Jack Dancer of Security by Shelby Morgen.

Commander Kala Decoltéir always gets her man, and she wants the space pirate they call Dancer — no matter who — or what — he is. This time, Dancer has no escape.

Then the crowd disappeared, and only one man stood between her and the Zondiran. One lone man, wearing a black duster that obscured everything but the wide set of his shoulders. And he wasn’t screaming. Or running. He wasn’t moving at all. He was standing in the exact middle of the catwalk, his back to Kala, and he was far too big for the Zondiran to push past.

Maxim Dollavera of Trash & Treasure by Mikala Ash

 Award-winning reporter for the Adana Observer Holly Barberossa finds herself once again in her natural environment, hot water.

He dropped himself unasked into the seat opposite her. His violet eyes fixed her like one of her best leading questions. She met his glare without fear. No one out stared her. She was an expert at that game. As time slid by, the seconds turning into minutes, she was acutely aware of a dollop of sauce slowly sliding from the corner of her mouth down to her chin where it hung in mid air by a string of what she guessed, with supreme embarrassment, was saliva. She considered dabbing at it with her napkin but not wanting to give the impression she cared one jot what he thought of her, she decided not to break the standoff.

Her face flushed when she realized his eyes had followed the sauce’s indefatigable course and was now mirroring its pendulum-like motion.

 Dryson of Bite by Marteeka Karland

The last thing Dryson expects when he takes his latest shipment of smuggled goods to Spaceport Adana is to end up with a Rajian sex slave, Sasha. Sasha is a force to be reckoned with, and her bite is definitely worse than her bark.

Sasha’s heart rate increased, and she was anything but bored now. She stood up straighter and looked the gorgeous man in the eye. This man might think he wanted a slave, but no man with that much confidence and air of authority would want a woman as weak-willed as Mathum wanted. No. He’d want an equal. Maybe he’d be able to physically overpower her, but he’d want someone who could hold her own with him. Oh, yes. This was someone she could have fun with for a few months.

Lt. Davis Darkano Scavenger by B.J. McCall

Scavenging space junk isn’t glamorous or lucrative, but finding a disabled Allied Planets Security drone is an unexpected treasure Captain Anexa Loy can’t pass up.

Anexa didn’t want forever and she didn’t need a man in her day-to-day life. She wanted a lover. Someone yummy. Someone like the tall man heading toward the Red Light District would do just fine. His hair was as dark as deep space and cut short. His broad shoulders and confident stride made him stand out in the bustling crowd.

Spaceport Vol. 1 available now at Changeling Press











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