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DESIGNED ENCOUNTER R-Excerpt #3 erotic romance

DESIGNED ENCOUNTER erotic romance by Samantha Gentry 


R-EXCERPT #3 (First kiss):

He threaded his fingers through her short auburn hair as he placed a quick kiss on her lips. When she offered no resistance, he captured her mouth with a kiss that said exactly what was on his mind. The sexual tension that had simmered below the surface every time they were together finally burst into a full incendiary explosion. He wasn’t sure how far it would go, but there was no way he could deny how much he wanted to intimately know every inch of her body. He had kept those desires in check for the entire time they had been working together, but not now. Not tonight.

Maddie’s arms wound around his neck and her mouth fully responded, letting him know her desires matched his. It was all the encouragement he needed. His cock hardened with his rapidly increasing arousal. She thrust her hips forward until she made contact with his erection. Her soft moan rippled through his consciousness.

He broke off the kiss just long enough to whisper a few words. “Unless you voice an objection right now, the next step is to your bed.”

“I…uh…I don’t make a habit of jumping in bed with every—”

“I never thought you did,” he ran his hand down her back and caressed her ass, “not even for a moment.”

DESIGNED ENCOUNTER by Samantha Gentry is available from The Wilder Roses (the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance at The Wild Rose Press).   More excerpts on my website

BLURB:     A temporary building project has kept architect Trent Reynolds and interior designer Maddie Sloan from acting on a sizzling mutual attraction. As the assignment comes to a successful conclusion, business makes room for hot, scintillating pleasure.   But while Maddie has designs on a long term commitment, Trent has blueprints for a no-strings-attached deal.   Can a weekend encounter at a romantic seaside inn persuade Trent to Maddie’s way of thinking?

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