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Betting, Libations and Handsome Men in Tuxedos? Must be a Bachelor Auction–Special Delivery Excerpt

specialdelivery_800I think Sinatra said it best when he crooned “Luck be a lady.”

Few ladies are luckier than those who get to attend bachelor auctions. To me, few things are sexier than bachelor auctions, men in tuxedos and betting on hunks. I touch on all of said sexy situations in my latest erotic romance Special Delivery.

This rubenesque-themed  short story was inspired by my love of the bachelor auction. I’ve always wanted to bet on (and win!) a date with a stud. Plus, I just think it would be really fun to get all loud and rowdy, cat-calling at hot, young things as they strut their stuff on the runway.

Okaaaaaaaaaay, so I’ve thought about this fantasy a time or two, sue me ;).

Here’s a bit more about Special Delivery-released by  Totally Bound Publishing.


Who says good things come in small packages? Corina believes beauty isn’t about size—it’s about attitude—and Zach can’t get enough of her confidence or her curves.

Curvy and proud of it, photographer Corina Saunders seeks to empower other females by shooting boudoir photos of plus-sized women in her home studio. When a charity needs a photographer to photograph twelve sexy men for a hunk-of-the-month calendar, she gladly volunteers her services. Sparks fly during the photo shoot when she snaps pictures of sexy delivery man Zach Moreno’s strategically placed “package.” When the two cross paths again at a charity ball and bachelor auction, Corina surprises everyone-including herself-when she wins a date with Zach, the sexiest bachelor up for grabs. The pair soon discovers that the attraction between them is too great to ignore and give in to their passion.


“Wow. It looks like a tuxedo model just walked in.” Anderson licked his lips.
Corina turned, following her brother’s gaze to see that it was Zach who he was staring at with unabashed lust in his eyes.
“My God, he’s hot. Too bad for me he’s straight, but it’s good news for you,” he said as he tipped his glass toward her.
She had to admit the man was even more mouthwatering in his black-tie garb, but she didn’t want to confess to Anderson how attractive she found Zach, not yet at least. She knew she’d be on the end of an interrogation once she explained the playful banter she and Zach had exchanged during the calendar photo shoot. She’d save that fun story for another time.
“How can you be so sure he’s straight?” Corina asked him with mock skepticism then sipped her champagne.
“I just know. It’s a gift, sis,” Anderson said with a wink.
Corina rolled her eyes then downed the remaining contents of her fluted glass in one unladylike gulp. Twisting the stem between two fingers, she let her gaze linger on Zach. She admired the way the tuxedo blazer hugged his wide shoulders and muscular chest. As though sensing her stare, Zach turned toward her. His eyes met hers and seemed to penetrate to her core. A slow smile spread across his lips, his dimples appearing. The muscles in her stomach clenched in response.
A woman speaking over the PA system broke the moment between them. Zach, who had been standing near the bottom of the stage, slipped behind a curtained area where, she assumed, the other bachelors were waiting to be brought out for bidding. Once Zach was out of her sight, Corina shifted her attention toward the emcee on the stage.
“Okay, ladies. Let’s loosen those purse strings. It’s time for our bachelor auction to begin.”
A series of high-pitched hoots and catcalls broke out from the estrogen-pumped crowd.
As if on cue, waiters came around once again with trays of champagne flutes, plying people with alcohol to aid in the women’s bids. Deciding to play it low-key and enjoy the show, Corina and Anderson watched from a back corner as each stud strutted his stuff on the stage in an attempt to collect as much money for the cause as they could. To pass the time, she sipped her drink and appreciatively took in each bachelor’s runway walk and the frenzied bidding among the women, who were now rowdy thanks to the liberal flow of the complimentary libations.
One by one, each man was sold to the highest bidder. Her patience and her nerves were nearly worn thin by the time, as luck would have it, Zach was announced as the final bachelor. Corina grabbed another glass of champagne and let the sweet, acidic bubbly slide quickly down her throat. Her palms began to sweat when she saw Zach take the stage.
“Oh, baby!” Anderson said. He watched Zach mosey up to the end of the catwalk. “That man is walking sex.” Anderson ground his hips seductively toward Corina.
The bidding started almost as soon as Zach had finished his sensual strut. Dollar amounts were being shouted out almost faster than the auctioneer could keep up with them.
Propelled by alcohol and the frenzied atmosphere, Corina took a step forward. Before she knew what was happening, she heard herself somewhat drunkenly shout, “Two thousand five hundred!”
The heat of shame crept across her face under Anderson’s skeptical blue-eyed gaze. He said nothing but shook his head and gave her a knowing smile. Corina turned her attention back to the auctioneer on stage and her heartbeat accelerated when another woman near the front outbid her.
“Six thousand!” Corina shouted over the din.
“Damn, somebody’s determined to get her man,” her brother said.
However, Corina barely heard his teasing remark. She held her breath as she listened to the auctioneer count backward from three then enthusiastically announce that Zach had been sold to her for the outrageous sum. She’d done it. She’d bought her sexy delivery man.
Now what? she wondered.


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  1. ELF says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for the excerpt!

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