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STORMBOUND WITH A TYCOON G-Excerpt #1 contemporary romance

STORMBOUND WITH A TYCOON  Silhouette Desire by Shawna Delacorte reissued by Harlequin in ebook 


 G-EXCERPT #1: (who stays)

Jessica knew she needed to say what was on her mind before she totally succumbed to the suggestion of untold pleasures hidden in the depth of Dylan’s eyes and behind that smile.

She turned her gaze away from him preferring to focus her attention on an inanimate object. She chose the table lamp. A nervous tremor made its way through her body. “I…uh…I’ve been giving this some thought. Before anything else happens, we need to settle the problem of who is going to use the cabin. I do understand that Justin promised the cabin to you based on the fact that I was supposed to be in New York, but it should be obvious to you that the circumstances have changed. I’m not in New York, And…well, what with the electricity being out and all…”

She drew in a steadying breath in an attempt to quell her rising anxiety. “Well, I just think you’d be more comfortable at the lodge. It’s only a few miles from here, down on the main road.”

“No, I wouldn’t be more comfortable at the lodge.”

“What?” She snapped her head in his direction as the shock spread through her body. His words caught her totally off guard. His unwavering gaze provided no hint of what he was thinking, yet it set her anxieties on edge. She stared at the lamp again, unable to hold the directness of his eye contact. There was nothing tentative or unsure about his attitude or the physical stance of his body language.

She forced her words, even though she knew they sounded less firm than when she started. “The lodge is very nice. I’m also sure it will be much more to your liking than being here without any activities or other people to socialize with.”

He folded his arms across his chest and leaned against the wall. His voice was calm and very matter-of-fact, his words firm without being argumentative. “This cabin is only half yours. The other half belongs to Justin. You informed him you would be in New York for three weeks. So, taking you at your word, he promised use of the cabin to me. Since you’re the one who showed up without checking first, I believe I have the right to stay.”

She grabbed the fireplace poker and jabbed at the remnants of the morning’s disastrous fire in an effort to play for time as she carefully chose her words. She didn’t want to get into an argument, but she wanted to make her position clear. She turned to face him.

“Whether I’m supposed to be in New York or not isn’t the point. The fact is that I’m not in New York…I’m here.” She caught the edge surrounding her voice and took a steadying breath in hopes of smoothing it out. “I’m truly sorry this unfortunate situation had to occur, but I really do feel that the lodge will be far more to your liking. This cabin certainly can’t be the kind of place where you would usually stay. This type of isolation must be quite different from your normal routine.”

She wrinkled her brow in concentration for a moment. “In fact, I can’t imagine why you would want to stay here at all.”

A spark of anger flared with his words. “My normal routine has its times of isolation.” He paused and took a deep breath before muttering, “But I’m sure you wouldn’t understand that.”

She saw something in his eyes and heard it in a brief moment in his voice. A hint of vulnerability? As quickly as it materialized it just as quickly disappeared, to be replaced by a façade of calm control. It was just a glimpse, but enough to tell her that there was more going on inside his head than he was saying or willing to show. What was he hiding? Then another thought occurred to her. Rather than hiding something, could he be hiding from someone?

She had no idea what he had specifically been doing over the years, only what her brother had told her. Perhaps his “business deals” were really scams to fleece unsuspecting people out of their money. A sick churning in the pit of her stomach told her just how much she hoped that wasn’t true. She studied him for a moment. He looked so calm and collected, as if nothing could ruffle him. She wished she felt as in control as he looked.

STORMBOUND WITH A TYCOON, a Harlequin Desire by Shawna Delacorte, is an ebook reissue available at (do search for author name Shawna Delacorte).  Also available at Barnes and Noble in NookBooks and Amazon for Kindle   Information is available on my website at 


Wealthy, jaded playboy Dylan Russell had sought an isolated cabin in the woods to escape his fast-paced life and reconsider his future. He wanted solitude…but awoke to a woman in his bed! Nothing had prepared Dylan for the sight of his best friend’s sister…or the sensual spark that embracing her ignited.

After a canceled project, publicist Jessica McGuire looked forward to days of relaxation. She never expected to encounter the man who had stirred feelings deep in her soul years ago. Stranded with her in a storm, Dylan beckoned her closer with his bedroom eyes. But would Jessica have to be content with only a few nights of passion when she yearned for his love for a lifetime?

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