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Quench Your Fever for Sexy Romantic Suspense



Honeybun Fever is a series of interracial romance novellas which feature the sexy cousins of the boys from Honeybun Heat. Each of these shorter romantic suspense stories showcases selected characters from the Honeybun Heat series and the two series share a seamless world, though they are stand-alone books.  See all the Honeybun Fever books here:


My romantic suspense series, Honeybun Heat, is based on a family of eight, sexy brothers with strange old English names and a proclivity toward finding and dealing with trouble. When a Honeybun or his honey is in trouble, the whole Honeybun clan gets involved in solving the problem and saving the damsel in distress. They shop, they cook, they shoot, they ride, they kick bad guy butt all over the place. They’re sexy, red-haired, wonderfully masculine, and delightfully non-traditional, except when it comes to treating a woman right. Terrorists pale when they see a Honeybun, criminals wobble, and women swoon with sensual delight.

See all the Honeybun Heat books here:


Four fast-paced books of interracial romantic suspense, with some of the sexiest Alpha heroes you’ll ever meet.

Book 1: Shadow of a Honeybun: Blaze is a happy-go-lucky party girl. Private investigator Dolfe Honeybun is serious as a bullet . It’s a damn good thing that opposites attract!
Book 2: Honeybun Sheik: Sexy Sheik Abdel Ezzat thought he should protect her from his world. But Callia Honeybun ends up protecting him!
Book 3: Stealth Honeybun: Peyton Honeybun is a modern day cowboy who works hard. He just wants to put his feet up and relax. Willa wants to run her business and be left alone. Neither one of them will get what they want…but they just might get much, much more!
Book 4: Hell Hath No Honeybun: What happens to a songbird when she sings the wrong tune? She quickly finds herself in a flight for her life, with a sexy billionaire as her wing man!


From Stealth Honeybun

Peyton just wants to put his feet up and relax. Willa wants to run her business and be left alone. Neither one of them will get what they want…but they just might get much, much more!

Peyton Honeybun just wants to get a six-pack of cold beer and watch football. But, he doesn’t quite make it to that La-Z-Boy with his six-pack. When four gunmen enter a small country grocery store and take the employees hostage, Peyton and the store’s beautiful owner just barely avoid being discovered and taken hostage with the others.

Willa Sloan doesn’t know what’s happening when she emerges from the back room and gets a big, warm, Honeybun hand slapped over her mouth as she’s dragged backward into hiding. But when she learns her store has been infiltrated and her people taken hostage, the last thing she intends is to hide in a dark corner whimpering.

Together, they discover two things through that long and terrifying night. First, a country grocery store is a great place to run a stealth operation if you’re enterprising enough. And second, love can happen at the strangest times!


Peyton ran toward the front of the store, silent and quick. He skidded to a stop as a deep, cigarette-roughened voice demanded that everyone hit the floor and shut the hell up.

Taking care to stay out of sight, Peyton peered around the end cap and swore silently as he counted three men holding guns. The two women he’d been chatting with earlier were on their stomachs on the cold tile floor, sobbing hysterically.

The sound of swearing and scuffling coming from the opposite side of the store preceded the arrival of another man, dragging an older woman with bouffed, light-gray hair and fire in her eyes.

As Peyton watched in horror, the gunman shoved the elderly woman forward and she barely caught herself with a hand on the countertop or she’d have gone crashing to her knees, surely breaking something.

He clenched his fists and growled low in his throat. Nobody treated a woman like that around him and walked away from it unscathed. Particularly an elderly woman.

Peyton cast his gaze around the store, trying to come up with a plan of attack. The soft whoosh of a door opening in the back of the store brought horror climbing into his throat.


He ran as quickly and silently as he could toward the back. As he reached her she looked up and smiled, opening her mouth to speak. He clamped a hand over her mouth and kept running, dragging her backward toward the door to the backroom.

She gave a little squeak and her hand opened, dropping the box of brown bottles she’d been bringing to him.

Peyton caught the little box and whispered in her ear. “Don’t speak. Move fast. There are four men with guns at the front of the store.”

To her credit she didn’t argue. Her pretty brown eyes widened in quick understanding and she nodded. Peyton removed his hand and they hurried back into the store room.

As the door whooshed closed behind them, Peyton heard a shout from the front of the store.

“They heard us. Quick, where can we hide?”

She shook her head. “My people…”

“I’m going after them. I just need to find a safe place to put you first. Do you have a back door?”

She was shaking her head before he finished the sentence. “I’m not running away like a scared bunny rabbit while Cathy, Paula, and Irene are out there staring into a gun.”

Damn! She would have to put names to the terrified faces he’d seen. Peyton grabbed her shoulder and turned her toward the shadows at the back of the storeroom. There had to be a door into the back parking lot somewhere. “Argue later, cooperate now. Or they’ll grab us too and nobody’s gonna get out of here.”

He shoved and dragged her behind a set of metal shelves which ran from floor to ceiling along two thirds of the long, narrow space. The shelving was filled with boxes and bottles and assorted supplies. As the door from the store swung open, Peyton shoved her into the skinny space between the shelf and the wall and grabbed a mop from a dry bucket nearby.

Nothing like bringing a mop handle to a gun fight.

Glancing at Willa, he placed his finger over his lips and slid silently away. He kept to the deep shadows, carefully stepping around a seemingly endless supply of stuff littering the concrete floor.

The man stood just inside the door, his rifle held loosely in his left hand. He was searching the wall around the door for a light switch.

Peyton crouched and carefully balanced the stick across his knees so he could unscrew the string mop from the handle. The mop gave off a slight squeak as he started unscrewing it and he stopped, holding his breath as the guy at the door jerked his head in Peyton’s direction.

“Who’s there!”

Peyton didn’t move. He quickly assessed his chances of reaching the man before he was discovered. In his current position, crouched behind a rolling cart filled with cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and paper towels, it would be nearly impossible. There was nothing but open space between him and the man at the door.

Despite that, Peyton wasn’t willing to miss the opportunity to take one of the gunmen out. So he took a deep breath and flexed his muscles in preparation for a mad dash toward the door.

He rocked forward onto his toes to give himself the best chance at a quick start, and started to move out from behind the cart. But when he looked up the guy was gone. He looked around, perplexed.

Something smacked against the doors from the outside and a skinny body with dark, curly hair fell through with a squeal of fear. Peyton looked into the startled face of a teenage boy. His features were partially illuminated by the florescent lighting in the main store and Peyton saw the surprised widening of his light-colored eyes.

“Get up asshole, or I’ll drag your skinny ass up to the front myself!” The end of the rifle suddenly appeared above the kid’s chest, pointed toward his head.

Peyton placed a finger over his lips and gave the kid a nod. Thank god, scared as he was, the kid let himself get dragged out of the dark storeroom without giving him away.

It was all he could do to watch the boy get taken away. But Peyton knew his only chance was the element of surprise. Armed only with a large stick, he had no chance against the guys with the guns unless he picked the time and place of his attack very carefully.

And at the back of his mind he was constantly aware of one, nerve-fizzing reality.

If he wasn’t successful, all of the people in that store could die.


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Sam Cheever Bio PicUSA Today Bestselling Author Sam Cheever writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Sam is the award-winning author of 50+ books and has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.

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