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Opposites have the best attraction

It’s Hump Day and I’m trying to get into the groove of the day job. Which basically means I’m floundering miserably, wishing I still had a few more hours in bed this morning. That being said, IT’S HUMP DAY! Ha! It’s a bit funny I’m showcasing Best Together the third book in my Destined for Love Series because Jameson my hero would probably scowl as Cameron danced about screaming about the wonders of today’s moniker. He’s actually my favorite type of hero because of his austere nature that hides a dry wit and some very sexy skills. They were a fun couple to write in this series because if life imitates art a bit, Jameson and Cameron carry pieces of me and my own dear life mate. Last night while cooking dinner, Sig Other (that’s my social media nickname for him) and I were discussing the concept of opposites attracting, and we both laughed at how we’re opposites that found each other. Yet, like Jameson and Cameron at our core, we are actually very similar. This story continues in the theme of two people not realizing what they mean to each other until Destiny shouts, “Oi! Get yourselves sorted!”. Not childhood best friends like the first two books, but friends that have journeyed through the tumultuous years of their 20s together and are ready to navigate what else life has in store for them. Short and sweetly spicy, BUT just a little bit longer than the previous two books in the series. *preens* Quite excited about that.

Therefore, I give you my brooding hero and the heroine that likes to poke him with a stick on occasion. In hopes he’d poke her right back with his. <—See what I did there? *giggles*


Available September 2014


Cameron Baltazar has always had fun prodding her ridiculously stiff and perpetually unamused roommate and best friend, Jameson Aberian. She’s had over a decade to perfect her pranks, and is completely blindsided when it’s revealed that Jameson intends to move out. Hurt and confused, everything boils over at a party to celebrate Jameson opening his own private practice. Cameron will soon learn if a square peg and round hole can fit perfectly together.


Cameron picked the picture up and ran her thumb over the glass. Ugh, no dust, she thought. She couldn’t help also noticing how young they looked. She had recently buzzed her head and wore a knit cap Sarai had knitted…badly. Sarai was going through her blonde phase that everyone in her life was so happy she’d grown out of. Jameson had bags under his eyes from long hours of medical school, but had still pitched in to help, even though he hadn’t moved in yet. She’d dumped water on him from the ladder that day. Boy he’d gotten so mad, she remembered with a chuckle as she put the picture back on the dresser.
“Are you going to rifle through his underwear drawer next, or can I get some help?”
Cameron startled at the sound of Sarai’s voice. Her face flushed at having been caught lingering in Jameson’s room. Sarai’s eyes danced with amusement while she stood in the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest. She’d pulled her thick (thankfully) dark hair up into a sloppy ponytail and wore yoga pants and a ratty T-shirt. Tapping her bare foot on the hardwood floor, she raised her eyebrow. Cameron fought the urge not to laugh, because Sarai looked so much like her and Jameson’s mother when she did that. She was barely five feet tall, but she was a complete powerhouse. It worked in her advantage as she tried to navigate the complex world of Hollywood as a film editor.
“I was just being a little nostalgic. We had so much fun that day,” she smiled as she spoke, pointing to the picture she’d just been looking at.
Sarai walked into the room and stood next to Cameron. She picked up the picture and ran her fingers over the glass cover. She’d bought matching ones for all of them, and Cameron could tell it made her happy to see it displayed in Jameson’s room.
“He was so pissed at you after you dumped water on him,” Sarai’s stated, her lips twitching with remembered amusement.
“He complained about being hot. I was being helpful.” Cameron feigned innocence with her reply.
“Who knew we’d all grow up eventually,” Sarai remarked wistfully.
Cameron wrapped her arm around her friend’s shoulder. It was a bittersweet thing, looking at the picture of them so young and ready for what the world would bring. They’d been so eager to take on the world in their chosen professions. She could still remember poring over medical journals with Jameson, trying to find the best and promising practices for obstetrics. They’d talked over each other with excitement, and even argued heatedly once when he’d told her she should have been a doctor instead of a nurse. She’d gorged on the box of truffle chocolates he’d given her as apology.
“We’ve done pretty well for ourselves, if I do say so.” Cameron smiled as she thought of their accomplishments.
She’d excelled as a nurse practitioner that specialized in obstetrics. So much so it only seemed natural to open her own birthing center, where she could provide expectant mothers with the care and attention she felt they deserved. Jameson was seeing his dreams come true with his own private practice, and Sarai was one of the best film editors in the industry. She squeezed her partner in crime once more with affection. They were an unlikely trio, but she couldn’t imagine her life without the support of the other two.
“Um…” Sarai muttered.
“I’m ignoring that tone because I feel as if you’re going to say something to annoy me,” Cameron warned as she gently shoved her friend and walked away.
“Jameson told me he’s going to look for his own place.”
Cameron paused on the threshold of the room. She’d known they wouldn’t always live together and she shouldn’t have been surprised, but a tinge of hurt pricked her at the news. Although she teased Jameson mercilessly, he was one of her best friends. Knowing he’d told Sarai and not her made her more than little sad, it made her feel…God, it made her feel something she couldn’t describe.

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