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OPEN IN PRIVATE erotic Christmas romance R-Excerpt #2

OPEN IN PRIVATE erotic Christmas romance by Samantha Gentry


R-ADULT EXCERPT #2: (first kiss)

He took the last swallow of his champagne, then set the empty glass on the coffee table.

She picked up the glass as she rose to her feet. “I’ll get you a refill.”

He grabbed her hand to stop her. “Maybe later.”

He pulled her down onto the sofa, their bodies almost touching. A tremor of anticipation rippled through her reality and settled in her pussy. Was he making a move on her? If not, then why not? Did she dare become the aggressor?

The spontaneous thought shocked her. Was she really that horny or was it specifically Parker Simmons who had her blood pulsing? Sexual tension had been leaping between them all evening. She had caught him staring at her on a couple of occasions in a very non-platonic way. Reality or only her wishful thinking?

Then all speculation came to a screeching halt when he leaned closer. The moment his mouth touched her lips, hot sexual energy surged through her body, replacing the speculation and anticipation. Her pussy tingled. A shortness of breath caught in her lungs. The magnitude of his mesmerizing presence enveloped her like a sensual cloak…a sensual cloak plugged into an electrical outlet.

A searing arc of excitement sizzled between them, followed by a sexual intensity that told her, client or not, she wanted him in a way so much more intimate than she had even wanted another man. She wanted him in every way possible. And she wanted him now.


As a personal shopper, Charlene Vance values her professional association with long time client Parker Simmons. But at the meeting to discuss the list for this year’s Christmas purchases, she learns that Parker is divorced and the ex-wife is off his list. When lunch leads to dessert between the sheets, Charlene is eager to move their relationship beyond good business and incredible sex.

Parker Simmons doesn’t want anything more permanent than what’s on the menu for today. But Charlene’s enthusiasm to experiment in bed satisfies his darker appetites and suddenly he’s craving more. Parker might need her help with holiday gift ideas but he’s got his own shopping agenda. On his list? Gifts only for Charlene—to open in private.

OPEN IN PRIVATE erotic Christmas romance by Samantha Gentry is available at The Wilder Roses, the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance from The Wild Rose Press.    Also available at other online vendors.

Additional information and excerpts available on my website


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