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Book Video For “The Source” – Enjoy!

The Source_Version 4 Flat MedEnjoy The Source Video

A powerful story of forbidden love in a world where emotion no longer drives
society but cold hard technology. Crystal, a rare Source seeks more than her
protected existence. Nathan, a Companion, will do anything to free her. Together
they will defy the rules of BioGen and reclaim the freedom to love.

Christine Murphy

The Source – A Wild Clan Saga (KnightFall Collections) Available Now

– ebook, Print, Kindle, Nook

BUY at Smashwords – / Amazon (Print) – / Amazon (Kindle eBook) – / Barnes & Noble (Nook eBook)- & where books are sold!

Sphinx Warriors Books Horizontal

Christine Murphy – Romance Author

Creator of:  The Sphinx Warriors Series, The Midnight Riders Series, The Wild Clan Sagas




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1 Comment

  1. Marianne Oliva says:

    Technology is scary sometimes. Crystal is trapped in a world engineered to assign her destiny; Nathan is her rescuer since he loves her. Suspenseful story…I love paranormal romance books!

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