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Message, poems, and book cover

Poetry Book Cover-first edition

Poetry Book Cover-first edition

Good morning readers, we have another fun filled day with this Release Party. Here are two poems from my new release poetry collection, “Poems About LIfe, Love, and Everything in Between”. This collection is available through Outskirts Press and Amazon. Thank you


The sunset glimmers sweetly,
like the smile of a child.
Colors all ablaze,
sending chills up my spine.
But don’t fall in love,
fore its beauty does last but a short while.
Listen to its envious sigh,
as it cowers behind the horizon.
Singing its sweet song of women and men.
Warning the moon is nigh.
Dissolving into the darkness,
the light no longer there.
It is the source of mystery,
in an irreplaceable history.
The brilliance of its colors, vibrant, divine.
Taking all the hues, leaving an empty sky behind.
Sad does it make me-until a new day.
When I may gaze upon its sisterly sunrise haze.


How sweet this eve of pinks and grays.
How warm this autumn day.
The children play with smiles of good cheer,
as a swift running spring lay near.
The Cobbler has come to shoe,
each growing child within the group.
He gently hands them shoes made from love.
This Cobbler-his assignment known.
To shoe the world in beauty.
As each masterpiece is skillfully cut and sewn.

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