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Explicit Legally Bound Deleted Scene Part 4 – 18+

LB-D4This scene proceeds the book so it’s safe to read. No spoilers. 18+

Daniel tore himself away from his touch and sprawled out on the king-sized, wrought iron bed. Rafael’s eyes followed his movements as he meandered over, tugging his tee over his head. Daniel curled his abs to get a better view of him. Rafael had a line of hair that ran down the center of his cut stomach, and Daniel reached out to drag his fingers through it as he climbed into bed to join him.

Rafael pushed his hand away. “Lay back.” He dropped his head, licking over the underside of Daniel’s cock. It jumped off his stomach towards his warm tongue. “Like that?”

He moaned his response, all thoughts leaving his head except the feel of Rafael.

“Good boy. I want to hear you. Your sounds are so erotic.” His tongue dipped into Daniel’s slit, lapping up the pre-cum pearling there.

Blood thundered in his ears, but his brain snapped to attention when Rafael’s voice penetrated his mind. He let go of his inhibitions and groaned louder for him. The man looked up and smiled before pushing his lips down around Daniel’s thick head. Every muscle in his body went slack as pleasure overwhelmed him.

He pulled off then toyed with Daniel with his tongue. “You are so big. I can’t even close my hand around you.” He lifted a hand and squeezed his base to emphasize his point.

Before he could reply, Rafael swallowed him down, taking him to the back of his throat. His body shuttered, and he almost lost it when Rafael looked up at him.


He hollowed his cheeks, sucking hard as he came back off with painful slowness. 

“You’re too good at that,” he said through gasps. His knees had fallen wide, giving Rafael as much room as he needed. He skimmed his fingertips over the large, muscular shoulders of the man between his thighs.

Rafael traced his tongue around the line of Daniel’s head. “Don’t cum. I have plans for you.” He dove back down, taking him in till his nose was pressed against his close-cropped thatch of hair.

He couldn’t reply, too lost in the warmth of Rafael’s mouth. His balls tightened, and he almost lost it, but Rafael had told him not to release. It took sheer force of will for him to stop his cock from spilling his load into the man’s throat. His toes curled, and fingers clenched in the sheets, and Daniel focused on anything but the way Rafael’s lips looked wrapped around his girth.

When he was breathing hard, Rafael gave him some reprieve, moving his mouth lower to tease his tongue over his heavy sac. Daniel gasped for air, every muscle in his body fighting the impending release.

Rafael fingers trailed up his inner thigh. “You’re so close, aren’t you?” His hot breath blew over Daniel’s entrance, causing him to dig his heels into the bed.

“Please,” he begged. He didn’t know what he was begging for. He could take anything but this torturous limbo Rafael kept him in.

“I’m going to bind you.”’Rafael closed his hand around the base of Daniel’s swollen cock, stroking slowly upwards.

His eyes rolled back in his head. Still, he was barely holding off the release that threatened to take over everything. “If you let me cum, you can do whatever you want to me.”

“I’ll let you cum, but not yet.” He slid off the bed, bending down to grab a long case from under it. From it he took leather cuffs and held them high for Daniel to see. “On your stomach, hands over your head near the headboard.”

Scrambling to do as he was told, his cock felt heavy between his thighs as he flipped. His balls ached with the pause in pleasure, and he realized he was not above begging Rafael for the release he needed. He’d never been restrained during sex before, but the idea awakened a deep-seeded need in him that he didn’t fully understand. Laid out as instructed, he waited, hands shaking when Rafael took his right wrist with a gentle touch to strap him into the leather cuffs.

“Can you move?”

Daniel pulled at the soft cuffs, the leather rubbing the hinge of his thumb. “A little.”

“Uncomfortable?” Rafael moved to slip his knees between his thighs.

“Different.” He struggled, lifting his head off the bed to see what Rafael was doing. A slight tinge of panic gripped him. He wasn’t sure that letting a stranger tie him up was a good idea, but he pushed the feelings aside more aroused than anything.

Raf ghosted his fingers down his spine. He stopped when he met Daniel’s seam. “Bad?”

Daniel’s breathing evened out. “No, strangely hot.” He shivered when cool liquid dribbled down his split. He found it almost freeing to sit back and have someone else please him for a change.

“Good. You look so perfect spread out for me.” He pushed one of Daniel’s knees under him then followed with the second.

Daniel spread himself wide to allow full access. He massaged the lube over Daniel’s tightness as Rafael lowered he head to bite the meat of the man’s ass. Daniel couldn’t control the groans that spilled from his lips.

I must have lost my mind, Daniel thought, looking forward to the burning pain and the full feeling he knew was coming.

Rafael pushed one finger inside him then added a second. “You are so tight. I can tell you don’t bottom a lot.”

“Rarely,” he confirmed between panted gasps. He pulled at his restraints, wanting to touch the other man before surrendering to the fact that he was at his mercy. He had to fight his natural instincts in bed; the restraints helped, but it was still so strange for him to be still.

Rafael let a soft groan of his own slip before he spoke. “I’m in control. Let go.” He scissored his fingers inside Daniel, stretching him wide. 

He sucked in a breath, fire breaking out across his ring as Rafael’s fingers spread apart inside him. He didn’t know how Rafael read him so well, but it intensified the connection, helping him give over control. His release was long forgotten until Rafael reached around his hips to grasp his girth. His expert fingers brought Daniel to the brink in three long strokes.

“Not yet.” Rafael’s chest was pressed against his back, and his lips were on the back of his neck.

All Daniel could do was nod. It took all his energy to hold himself back.

Rafael released his hold on him, letting his hard cock down to hang again. Daniel used the pause to drink down a few deep breaths then he heard foil crinkle and tear. He hadn’t even thought of safety. Thank God Rafael had. He had a ball of nervous energy twisting in his gut that was only outweighed by the thought of Rafael fucking him till he came.

Rafael’s wrapped head nudged into him a second later, and he winced, waiting for the pain. It split him wide open. He worked his cock in and out, sliding it deeper with each thrust. His body fell over Daniel’s, chest to back and hands braced on either side of his face. Rafael’s plush lips worked over his jaw. Daniel turned his head, wanting desperately to kiss him. His lips snagged on Rafael’s scruffy jaw before they met. The kiss was hard, demanding, and Rafael bit his lip, making it swell again. When he was buried completely in Daniel’s ass, he paused.

Daniel wanted more, bucking his hips to grind into the cock inside him. Rafael’s palm found his length again, and he squeezed over his cock then released it. Daniel’s head fell to the sheets, pressing against their coolness, enveloped in sensations. Rafael sat back on his heels, switching to long, slow strokes. He glanced over his shoulder, seeking out the view. He watched Rafael’s thick cock disappear inside him over and over. They were both already covered in a light sheen of sweat which accentuated Rafael’s tan skin.

He started to give over to the pleasure, losing himself to it when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye a second before the smack reverberated through the room. Pain seared across his ass, and he gulped air. “Fuck.” It seemed to intensify everything, and he was glad he had agreed to it.

Rafael’s hand returned to the place it had just struck to knead the flesh with his palm. “You like it a little rough.” It wasn’t a question.

Daniel pushed back on him wantonly, showing him how much he enjoyed it. Rafael struck him again, this time causing Daniel’s teeth to clench. He was sure his ass was an angry red.



“Please what?”

Daniel’s mind floundered. “Please, Sir?”

Rafael rewarded him with another two slaps in quick succession. He flinched with each one, his ass clamping down around Rafael’s thick cock.

“You’re going to make me lose it.” Rafael pulled his legs out from under him letting his stomach hit the bed. It changed the angle, allowing Rafael’s cock to hit all the right places as he moved in long fluid motions.

“Please, Sir,” he begged again.

“Soon,” Rafael grunted between gasped breaths. His hand came down on to Daniel’s already red butt cheek, further reddening the flesh.   

He drove himself into Daniel three more times before he collapsed on top of him. His cock pulsed deep, flooding him with heat, and he could feel the man inside him fill the condom. Daniel would have done anything at that moment to have gotten rid of the barrier between them. He wanted to feel wetness in him for the rest of the night.

His body shuddered, and he fought the restraints, trying not to give into release. He tried to focus on anything but the feeling of Rafael’s cock. He was going to lose it without anything touching his cock, but the skin on his wrists chafed with each pull and took away from the pleasure that threatened to overwhelm him. He wanted to get away from the sensation, to not disappoint Rafael.

“You’ve been such a good boy. You deserve a reward.” Rafael pulled out of him, eliciting a groan. Daniel felt empty and not yet satisfied. 

The cuffs came free. Rafael gripped him by the hips and flipped him to his back. He licked over Daniel’s dripping slit. “Cum for me.” He took him into his mouth till the tip of his cock hit the back of the man’s throat. He pulled back slowly, letting Daniel watch his lips drag over every inch.

It didn’t take much for Daniel to do as he was commanded, losing himself in the back of Rafael’s mouth. Wave after wave of release shattered him. They seemed never-ending, and Daniel’s mind left his body and floated above him. The ecstasy of the whole experience was bringing him to the brink of black out. 

Rafael’s gruff words drew him back. “You’re such a natural, you know that?”

Daniel’s eyes lulled half shut. “Oh?”

“Yes, God, you’re perfect.”

Rafael laid down beside him and wrapped Daniel up in his arms. Their lips met again, and despite his recent earth-shattering orgasm, he was already hard again.

“And a stud.” Rafael chuckled as he took him in his hand.

“It’s all you.” Daniel chased his lips to demand another kiss.

Rafael indulged him, biting his lower lip. They kissed and explored each other until Daniel’s brain snapped back to reality. He had to work in the morning

“I have to go.”

“I figured that was coming. Old nine to five calls?”

“More like seven to seven in my case.” Daniel rolled onto his back and scrubbed a hand down his face.

“I’d like to see you again.” Rafael climbed off the bed to retrieve their clothes.

“Please… Sir.” Daniel gave him a playful smile.

“Keep that up, and I’ll be fucking you again.” Rafael walked back to him and kissed under his jaw, handing him back his clothes.

Daniel drug his teeth over his swollen lip. “Sir…” His hazel eyes lifted to meet Rafael’s. Their clothes were abandoned, and Rafael, the condom barely rolled down, was buried inside him before Daniel could remember he was going to be miserable in the morning.

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