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Explicit Legally Bound Deleted Scene Part 1- 18+


This scene proceeds the book so it’s safe to read. No spoilers. 18+

Daniel sat at one of the local clubs in Boystown with a couple of his gay friends. The room glowed with neon lights and pulsed with loud music. Tonight he was content to sit and observe, the week’s caseload still weighing heavy on his shoulders. He rubbed his temples, nursing a beer while trying to convince himself that he was going to have to stop going out Sundays; he wasn’t in college anymore. Tomorrow morning, he would be dragging in court. His friend Ty kept attempting to engage him, but Daniel was too tired to hold a conversation over the noise. He stood, intending to beg forgiveness for an early departure from his buddies, but as he turned, he bumped into someone solid. Stumbling to the side a few steps, he spun around to apologize, almost tripping over the man again.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” Daniel fumbled with some napkins at the bar when he saw he had spilled the man’s drink all down his shirt. He started to pat the guy down, cursing himself, adding this to all the other reasons why he shouldn’t be out this late on a work night. The man grabbed his wrist, and moved it aside, yet didn’t let go. Daniel couldn’t stop his eyes from traveling down the tight black tank top that stuck to the man’s abs because of the liquid, and they didn’t stop there. His eyes kept their path all the way to the bulge in the man’s leather pants.

“See something you like, boy?” He spoke with a faint Latin accent.

Daniel wet his lips at the sound of the accent. It made him more attractive. Daniel’s eyes flicked up to meet the man’s green gaze, an unusual hue for his latin coloring “No… Yes… I’m sorry, where are my manners? Can I buy you a new drink and pay for your dry cleaning?”

“I’d much rather buy you a drink. The way you said sir had a certain ring to it.” As he stared, so did Daniel. The man had a chiseled nose, a suave five o’clock shadow on his stern jaw, and jade green eyes to complete the package. Daniel didn’t move when he took a step closer. He was tall. with muscles that he looked like he’d earned, not the kind his best friend put on with hours at the gym.

“Rafael.” He held him there with an air of authority about him, which was much different than the type of bottom Daniel normally picked up.

“Daniel, and I would love a drink.” He could feel the eyes of his buddies at the table boring into his back, as well as sizing up the man. All thoughts of ditching out early gone, he followed Rafael to the bar and watched as the man ordered them both drinks.

Daniel found it weird, but he claimed a stool and took a seat. When the drinks came, the other man paid but remained standing, handing over a gin and tonic.

“Thank you.” Daniel brought the beverage to his lips. The comment he had made about the ‘Sir’ thing stuck with him. Wasn’t that some sort of kink thing? 

“No, thank you,” he raised his brows as he said ‘you’ and smirked a little, “for being clumsy. This is the best turn my night could have taken.” He was so straight forward. There was none of the usual dancing around attraction that was the norm for first meetings. Rafael mirrored him and took a long pull from his glass as his eyes roamed over Daniel, making him shift in his seat.

Daniel leaned forward, adjusting himself unabashedly. “I insist you let me pay for the dry cleaning.” Maybe he would get a number out of this, and he could convince himself that his drowsiness in court tomorrow had been well-earned.

“Come here often?”

He shook his head. “Once a week or so when my friends drag me out. I prefer the low key places. What about you?”

The man set aside his glass before he answered. “On occasion; I mostly keep to Amenti.”

He knit his brow. “Never heard of it.”

“Most haven’t, but that tells me a lot about you.”

He pushed his tongue into his cheek and narrowed his eyes, calling the man’s bluff. “What does it tell you about me?”

“One, that you haven’t been exposed to kink.” He wore a bemused smile like he knew something he wasn’t telling Daniel.

“Haven’t we all played a little with spankings and tying partners up with ties?” Daniel also set his half empty drink aside.

“No, and I’m shocked to hear you have. Enjoy it?”

His lips curled up at the corners. “I wear a tie for my day job, but there’s nothing hotter than playing with the silk after a long day.”

Raf lifted one brow. “A business man, hmm?” The words rolled off his tongue in his exotic accent, and Daniel knew he would go home with him right then.

“Yes, Sir.” He tested the word to see if it gained the same result.

Rafael chuckled softly. “That shouldn’t sound so good coming from you. What’s in your head?”

“I was thinking of tying you up with my tie.” He couldn’t believe the things that were coming out of his mouth. Maybe he had more to drink than he remembered.

“I think you’d prefer if it were the other way around.” Rafael met his eyes; Daniel knew it was true.

“I don’t bottom for most people.”

“Well I’m not most people.”

Daniel barely stopped the groan that threatened to leave his lips. “I can see that.”

He saw Rafael check his watch then pick up his drink and down it, a clear sign that he was looking to bail. Shit.

He grabbed his wallet and pulled out a card. “Give me a call sometime. I owe you at least for the dry cleaning.”

Rafael leaned forward and pushed the card back towards his chest. “Why don’t you come home with me, and I’ll let you clean it yourself.”

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    Another great excerpt!

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