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Get Minding the Boss for 99 Cents + Adult Excerpt

Intimate couple in officeRight now you can pick up my short erotic romance Minding the Boss for just 99 pennies!

There’s something so sensual and mysterious about a powerful man in charge and smoldering Max is the sort of  man that Rachel just can’t resist.

If a steamy office romp is your idea of sexy, then read on!


What is it about a man in charge?

Rachel Ellis has spent months fantasizing about all the things she’d love to do to her sexy boss Max Drake if given the chance. When the two find themselves alone in the office, on a Saturday night no less, she quickly realizes that all her naughty daydreams are about to come true.

Even though she’ll settle for just one night of passion with Max, Rachel finds out that anything is possible when you mind the boss.


He raised his hand to my face and used his thumb to trace along my jawline. Max gave the towel the lightest of touches and it fell to the floor in a whoosh. He then walked behind me, wrapped his large hands around my shoulders and gave me a light nudge. Before I knew what was happening he walked me towards the large, floor to ceiling window behind his desk.
“Put your hands on the glass,” he whispered seductively in my ear.
I did what I was told. My heart raced with anticipation. With my back to him, I couldn’t see Max so I had no idea what to expect. Not that I had known what to expect at any other point during our evening together. Still, the element of surprise that was entailed in having my back turned to Max excited me. I could feel the lips of my sex begin to swell and become slick and Max had barely laid a hand on me.
I looked out at the Miami skyline. In the darkness, the lights of the city seemed to twinkle and glitter. Even though I knew the windows of the building were tinted, both for privacy and due to the powerful rays of the Florida sun, I still wondered if anyone could see us. Did the people milling about on foot and in cars below know that in this building, seven stories up, I was being treated to the most erotic experience of my life? The bit of voyeurism only heightened my arousal.
“Mmm. I like that you smell like my soap. My shampoo. Like me,” he said as he put his nose on the sensitive flesh behind my ear.
He tossed my long hair over my shoulders and dropped a trail of light kisses along my nape. His soft, wet mouth traveled to the spot between my shoulder blades before moving down my waist, to the slope of my hips. When I felt him place a soft kiss on the cheek of my ass I gasped in surprise.
“You’re so soft. So curvy,” he murmured against my ass. Knowing that his mouth was on such an intimate part of me caused me to squirm. “Stop wiggling.” Max dug his fingers into the soft flesh of my hips and pressed the length of my body against the window.
I did what he said and put all my energy into remaining still. It wasn’t an easy task considering one of the sexiest men I’d ever known was kissing his way down one leg and up the other. My breathing became labored and my nipples formed stiff peaks against the cool glass. In the window’s reflection I saw Max rise to his full height. I watched in fascination as his light brown head, which normally loomed nearly a foot above mine, lowered to my neck again.
At the feel of his hot mouth on my skin, I arched my back and ground my naked ass against him. He released a curse, which caused his teeth to lightly scrape at the skin covering my collarbone. I could only be still and obedient for so long.

I needed him.

I reached behind me until my fingertips connected with the waistband of his boxers. I gave them a tug to let Max know I wanted him bare against me. Inside me.

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