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Diet Secrets from Sylvia Donovan (Herione of CFO’s Affair)

Okay, if you’ve read any of the Tina Gayle’s Executive Wives Club series, you’ve heard of me.

Sylvia Donovan, here to share with you my diet secrets. Though, personally I don’t know that I’d try them.

First, I guess you should know who I was before I went on my diet.

A tall woman over the age of forty, I could carry a few extra pounds and get away with it. Then, I added a few more. My husband worked long hours and my daughter spent most of her time at school or school activities. I had time to indulge.

So I did until I was line backer big. The boys on the Nebraska football team had nothing on me.

Then I hit a wall on one emotional disaster of a day.

Not only did my husband ask me for a divorce, he was also in a fatal car crash the same day.

My world changed.

Getting out of bed at first was a real challenge. I fought through my grief and tried to be there for my daughter. Food became a task, I’d rather avoid.

Amazing how a few skipped meals can help you lose weight.

Then I needed to fill my days with something other than staring at the walls so I decided to hit the gym. Tried everything from weight lifting to zumba classes, I settled on yoga as my exercise of choice.

Two years later, I was back to my college weight.

Now, I’m off on a new adventure. I’m trying to find out who my husband had an affair with before his death.

Come along and share the ride in “CFO’s Affair.”

Buy link is

Thanks for reading my story,


Sylvia Donovan


Also, Tina Gayle is giving away three ebooks of the Executive Wives’ Club series, leave a comment for a chance to win,



  1. angieia says:

    This sounds interesting. I’m surprised Sylvia waited two years to see who her husband was having an affair with.

  2. Sounds like a great book. I lost weight after getting pneumonia while I was in the hospital for knee surgery.

  3. TinaGayle says:

    Doesn’t sound like fun Nancy.

    Angieia – Sylvia was busy with her daughter.

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