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Taglines by B.J. McCall

I enjoy writing taglines for my books – so what is a tagline? The tagline is a catchphrase meant to catch the reader’s attention. Over the years, Hollywood has used taglines to sell movies to the public. For example:

The Fault in the Stars –One sick love story.

Edge of Tomorrow – Live. Die. Repeat.

Today, I will be posting excerpts along with the tagline of the book. The first post is from my book RELENTLESS.


A Hellhound on the scent is relentless.



Kartinka slid the key into the lock. Having the Hellhounds after the Raptus made her job more difficult. Once they got onto a scent Hellhounds were relentless.

An unexpected rush of cool air, blaring car horns and wailing sirens alerted her. She’d secured the balcony doors of her apartment before leaving to meet Masters.

Kartinka pulled her handgun out of her purse and chambered a round before stepping inside. Her gaze swept her living room, the kitchen and dining area, then focused on the open balcony doors. Her heart leapt into her throat. A man stood in the shadows, his tall frame outlined by the lighted city skyline beyond.

Her footsteps silenced by the thick carpet, Kartinka crossed the room.

The intruder was dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt and dark pants. The width of his shoulders and the long, black hair hanging halfway down his back was a dead giveaway. Only one thing would bring her most fierce competitor, the only man capable of turning her heart inside out, into her home tonight. Haydn North was after the vials of Raptus. It wasn’t the first time they’d both pursued the same prize.

He turned and leaned against the solid wall of the balcony. “Tinka.”

Whenever he called her Tinka, she felt vulnerable and wanting, a woman needing the solace of a man’s arms, instead of Kartinka Kruse, acquirer extraordinaire.


He stared down the barrel of her weapon. “Aren’t you glad to see me?”

Even though she deliberately kept her business and travel plans private, Haydn had a habit of showing up in the same city. She’d accepted his invitations to dinner and joined him for moonlight strolls. He’d pick her up at her hotel room, flowers and gifts in hand.

Kartinka was attracted to his looks and rugged masculinity, but he was a Hellhound. Alpha males like to lead, and Kartinka wasn’t a great follower. Hellhounds demanded loyalty, and she’d been on her own far too long.

RELENTLESS is available at Changeling Press, ARe and Amazon

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