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Taglines 3 by B.J. McCall

The next movie tagline I’d like to share with you is from Moonstruck, a popular movie from 1987 starring Cher.

The tagline – Life. Family. Love.

My tagline and excerpt is from my book with the same title, Moonstruck, an erotic werewolf romance.


She’s a beautiful werewolf who packs heat. He’s human and he’s moonstruck.


Rilee tapped on the office door and stepped inside. The scent of man and spicy aftershave hit Rilee’s nostrils. The captain was seated at his desk, his hand wrapped around a steaming cup of coffee. A second cup sat before the captain’s guest. Whoever the visitor was, he was someone important. Captain Powers, a wolf who usually worked in his shirt sleeves, had his suit jacket on and his tie cinched.

“Agent Winter, this is Pierce Brannan.”

Brannan rose and turned toward her.

Rilee sucked in a breath, and her heart did an odd thump. Stunned by Brannan’s movie star looks, Rilee’s mind went blank and her toes curled. Her nose twitched and her senses reeled. His scent was sexy, delicious, and his face bordered on beautiful with refined bone structure that brought the word elegant to mind. His hair was so dark it was almost black and his long dark lashes accentuated the pale green of his eyes.

She struggled for words that would not come and for a long moment Rilee and Brannan stared at one another.

The chief cleared his throat, then Brannan extended his hand. “Agent Winter.”

Rilee grasped Brannan’s hand, and a sudden fire flashed through her. Wow. His touch was like a hot brand. If she were in wolf form her tail would be wagging.

“Have a seat, Winter.”

The captain’s order snapped Rilee out of her sensual trance. Settling into a chair, she faced the captain and forced herself to start thinking like a cop. Rilee glanced at Brannan. She figured he was in his early thirties, an inch over six feet tall and weighed about one eighty. He had a slight lump on the back of his head that made his hair stick out, the only visible flaw on an otherwise perfect human specimen.

“A valuable diamond has been stolen from Mr. Brannan’s home in San Francisco.” The captain hesitated for a beat, then continued, “Mr. Brannan says your sister, Ariel, is the thief.”

Rilee flinched. Brannan might be important, but it appeared he was no better than a long list of moonstruck human males who had fallen head-over-heels for Ariel. From middle school to college, her twin had always been the one that the boys desired. Rilee already knew the scenario. Ariel had become Brannan’s lover, and while his pants were down, she’d ripped off his diamond.

She pushed the image of Brannan with his pants around his ankles out of her mind. “When did the theft occur?”

“Last night,” Brannan said.

A shock rippled through Rilee. Last night she’d awakened with a jolt. She’d dreamed about Ariel, something that hadn’t happened in months. Rilee’s heart had pounded, and she’d felt Ariel’s excitement as if it were her own. At the time, Rilee didn’t understand why her twin was so stirred up. Now, she did.


4.5 Stars

“This story has a well-constructed mystery plot with lots of surprises to keep the reader interested.

Candy, Sensual Reads

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