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Taglines 2 by B.J. McCall

Another movie tagline I’d like to share with you is from Divergent.

The tagline – One choice can transform you.

My next tagline and excerpt is from Spaceport: Scavenger, an erotic, sci-fi romance.



When he discovers the woman of his dreams is a thief, Davis must decide between love and duty.


Lieutenant Davis Darkano raced after the freighter.

“Base, this is patrol eight-four-one. In pursuit of a Raven class freighter in restricted sector thirty-two. Negative Ident transmission. Negative response to Ident request.”

“Eight-four-one, acknowledged.”

Davis bore down on the freighter. His patrol group had been running search patterns for days, their orders were to locate a missing patrol drone and remain in position until the drone was picked up, but chasing a smuggler beat hunting for a dead drone.

Despite the Raven’s radical maneuvers, Davis matched it turn for turn. Nothing like a hot pursuit to get his blood running high. Davis’ admiration for the pilot’s skills rose along with his determination to run the nose of his fighter right up the Raven’s ass.

He punched his thrusters, but the Raven beat him to the free zone. Running side-by-side with the freighter, he activated his scanners and swept the Raven’s hull. Secured inside the blast proof cockpit, Davis was completely dependent upon his instruments and view screens. The image of faded Guild markings on the Raven’s hull flashed on his screen.


He matched pace with the Raven giving the fighter’s scanners time to confirm the ship was a scavenger and not an armed smuggler masquerading as a junk collector. The scanners revealed no weapons.

Davis shook his head. What possessed an extraordinary pilot to make a living collecting and selling space junk?

“Eight-four-one, this is Base. Position and status.”

Although he couldn’t legally stop the vessel in the free zone and fining errant scavengers were low priority even when a drone wasn’t missing, Davis would remember this encounter.

“The Raven’s a scavenger. Returning to search pattern.”


As Davis turned away from the Raven, he saluted the unseen pilot and vowed, “One day, scavenger, your ass will be mine.”

SPACEPORT: Scavenger is available as a single title.

SCAVENGER is also available in SPACEPORT Volume 1










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