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Sphinx Imagined by Christine Murphy – Another Excerpt


Discover the incredible strength and passion of the Sphinx through the eyes of Skye as she is introduced into their mysterious world by the Warrior who rescued her and awakened her desires. With Ethan, the one man she has dreamed of all her life, Skye’s abilities bloom making her a powerful match to his love, his unique gifts, and his deadly skills in the fight against the invasion of the evil Wraith.

Summary: Skye has led a life completely separated from others because of her telepathic skills. One bright light in her life are the images of a dream man who invades her waking thoughts and dreams. Little does she know she is about to run head long into him. Ethan must bring Skye back to the Complex where he is torn between his family’s need of her special talents, his desire to keep her safe, and his own craving to make her his Power Mate.

Please enjoy the following sneak peak of the fourth novel now available book in The Sphinx Warriors Series – Sphinx Imagined.

Excerpt: Wanting to get back to Ethan but suddenly feeling light headed, Skye stopped and grabbed an apple from the hanging wicker basket. From all the excitement and taking care of Ethan, she realized she hadn’t eaten anything since the night before. Crunching into the apple she continued across the living room. Halfway across she froze in mid-stride dropping the apple and the clothes onto the floor and grabbing at her head.

The nausea and darkness overtook her so quickly she had to spit the bite of apple back out. Trapped in the living room with no way to call out as her mind struggled to block out the creeping blackness, Skye closed her eyes trying in desperation to build up her barriers. She knew whatever was coming nearer was searching for her beyond just her physical presence and she had to hide. To hide deep inside so the darkness wouldn’t find her.

No matter how far down she hid, the creeping came closer. Whatever happened she couldn’t let it find her, find Ethan. The darkness would finish off Ethan and would take her and she couldn’t allow that. Gritting her teeth, she forcibly slammed down on her psyche. The tendrils of darkness which had been hunting her ripped free from her mind before she could break whatever the tendrils were or destroy them. The pain was incredible as another attack came at her causing her to scream out.

Not even a heartbeat after the fearful cry left her, Skye was completely surrounded by warm strong arms and an energy which completely engulfed her severing the dark evil psychic contact. Immediately she recognized Ethan and tried to tunnel even closer into his protective embrace. She felt his hands in her hair and then his lips against her ear.

“Talk to me, Skye. What’s happening? What do you see?” Ethan whispered in a barely audible voice, his breath brushing over her ear causing incredible warmth to surge through her. When she didn’t immediately respond, Ethan whispered again, an edge of spiking concern in his voice. “Come on sunshine. Let me know you’re okay in there.”

Skye took several deep breaths working to equalize her mind and her body. Ethan’s energy surrounding her was like a protective blanket blocking out the darkness and after several seconds she was able to finally speak. “The creature, the Wraith, I felt it. Felt its evil mind reaching out to find me. You said it was mutated but did you’re people know this one is slightly telepathic. That’s how it can track me. The creature must have found me again and was trying to track me down by hooking into my telepathic brain waves. It knows I’m not far off from the alley where it attacked us. I can’t feel it now, though. I think whatever you’re doing is blocking the creature from getting to me on a psychic level.”

Shivering against Ethan, Skye wrapped her arms around him and rested her head against his chest. Closing her eyes she just listened to the strong beat of his heart. So much stronger than it had been earlier. He was right, he was healing and healing fast if her own senses were accurate and by the fact both of his arms were wrapped strong and secure around her.

Ethan gently grasped her chin and lifted her face so he was looking into her eyes. He appeared to be checking on how she was doing. He completely focused in on her and she could see in his expression he was going to tell her something she might not want to hear. “Skye, I don’t want to ask you to do this but I need you to see if you can pinpoint the Wraith.”

Pure terrifying panic ripped through her and she shook her head in refusal. To purposely reach out and touch the dark evil presence again was more than she could handle. How could Ethan ask her to do that? He knew how much the act would cost her. And perhaps he did know because his expression became tortured and he leaned down capturing her lips.




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