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Pack and Mate (Kennel Klub 2) by Sean Michael now out! (M/M, pg excerpt)

I have a new book out!


Finn never dreamed he’d have a mate of his own, especially not one found at the Kennel Klub, where spankings are optional and encouraged. This young werewolf is a fish out of water suddenly thrown in the deep end.
Cort is immediately drawn to Finn but it is clear they’re very different men. A chance meeting leads to a lust they can’t ignore but soon Finn leaves with his packmates.

Cort is ready to do whatever it takes to find Finn again. Once he does he’ll have to work hard to convince Finn that they belong together.

It’s available at Ellora’s Cave at 20% off!


PG Excerpt:

“For he’s a jolly good fellow! For he’s a jolly good fellow that nobody can deny!”

The singing was so loud that the walls of the big room vibrated. The scents of liquor and sex hung on the air, and the hint of incense made smoke that shimmered visibly. It was raucous, overwhelming and Finn found himself huddling in the far corner, his hands clenched into fists, noise and pheromones and body heat creating fear inside his head.

He shouldn’t have come. He should have told his cousin Jim no. No celebrations. No groups. Just no. Living in the city was hard enough—several weeks was not long enough for him to be used to this strange place yet.

Jim had been so excited, though, about his mating—his collaring, he’d called it, which Finn found unsettling honestly—about his new man Tip that Finn couldn’t refuse.

“Loud, isn’t it?” The voice was growly, pitched low, and it cut across everything. That voice made Finn want to roll onto his back and expose his belly, his throat.

Finn nodded, then looked up with wide eyes. “It is.”

And he wanted to go home, but he was here with some of Jim’s friends and his packmates and he didn’t know how to get back to the apartment from here. “Is this your table? I can move.” He didn’t want any trouble and this one seemed like an Alpha.

“Not my table, the quietest corner of the room, though. You look how I feel. We should go.”

“Go?” He nodded, stood. “Yes. I’m new. Where can we go?” His brain was pounding in time with the moving bodies. So many males, so many smells. It would have been overwhelming under the most ideal situations and in a strange place in this big city was not that.

“I have a quiet room.” The big guy wrapped a hand around Finn’s wrist and pulled him toward the door.

Finn followed, ducking flailing arms and writhing bodies. Out. Out. Out. The single thought filled him. Out.

As soon as they exited the room and shut the door behind them, everything—the scents, the sounds, the damn pheromones—eased.

The guy with him took a deep breath and leaned against the wall. “Oh, thank God.”

Finn nodded, sinking to the floor, eyes closing as he just stayed quiet and alone inside his mind for a moment. Oh, so much better. He could breathe. He could hear himself think. He still felt small and insignificant, but at least it was quiet out here.

Two servers went by on their way to the party with trays of food, the boys giving them looks.

Go away, he thought. Shoo. He didn’t want to have to deal with even more strangers. He was all strangered out.

The servers didn’t say anything and disappeared through the door, the music flaring loudly before the door was once again shut.

That big hand wrapped around his wrist again. “Come on.”


Sean Michael

smut fixes everything –

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  1. sula22 says:

    Hmm, another title for me to add to my wish list a paranormal BDSM story with a werewolf 🙂

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