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Legally Bound Extract – Daniel & Rafael


“If a cop is harassing you, we may be able to get all the charges dropped.” Daniel took over the conversation. The situation seemed plausible, and Raf really hadn’t seemed the type to him last night or even now as he sat in front of them.

“I like you, Daniel, and you would make a smoking-hot sub.” The Dom leaned across the table, resting on his forearms. “I would like to see you again, but just because we had sex doesn’t mean you can fix all my problems. I can handle it.”

Daniel brought a hand up to his mouth. Rafael’s words had struck too close to home, bringing out his helpful nature. After last night, the lawyer realized that his submissive side was something he wanted to explore. Looking at the situation now, though, he had to consider that maybe, for Raf, it had only been about the sex. Could he be reading more than he should into the connection he thought he felt?

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  1. sherry1969 says:

    Can’t wait to read more.

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