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Which is Your Fave? Contemporary or Paranormal?

OutingTheQuarterbackPackorthePanther[The]Good morning all —

Welcome to the party! If we haven’t met, i’m Tara Lain and i write both contemporary and paranormal romance. This week, i’m especially celebrating the upcoming release of OUTING THE QUARTERBACK, a contemporary romance about a college senior who lives his life according to his wealthy father’s rules as quarterback for a renowned college football team and as a business major, but secretly wants to be painter and hides the fact that he’s gay. I love writing contemporary romance. Since romance has an inherently strong fantasy element, i think it’s challenging to give my characters a really happy ending within the often heartbreaking confines of real life.

But then, paranormal romance is so much fun! The author gets to crate her own world and her own rules — but then the challenge is to abide by them! I think the secret to good paranormal romance is to give the characters absolutely genuine emotions — even if they happen to be growing fur at the time. My most recent releases are both paranormal — The Pack or the Panther and Wolf in Gucci Loafers.

Which do you like better?

I’ll post some excerpts from both types of romance this week.


  1. Laurie P says:

    Both and of course any book you write.

  2. sherry1969 says:

    I love both but lately I’m reading more paranormal.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

    • taralain says:

      I’m writing a new paranormal but editing contemporaries! It gets confusing. My football players could end up with fangs. LOL : )

  3. Colleen C. says:

    Both, but I go through times where I read one over the other…

  4. Veronique says:

    Love paranormals

  5. sula22 says:

    I enjoy both, but that sounds exciting, a paranormal football player with fangs going a bit wolfy during a match or at the scent of his mate on the opposing college team…

  6. taralain says:

    Sula, thank you! What a great plot bunny! : )

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