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Summer Passion by B.J. McCall Excerpt 3 (adult)

A perfect story for a sultry summer night – Summer Passion

Available  in the Heat Stroke 1 Anthology



Of course he’d insisted she come to him, wearing nothing but the clothing he’d provided. It was all about control. Tonight, she was his. Or so Lochlan thought.

She intended to indulge her needs, her desires, until she was sated, but leave him begging for more. Sometimes the slave controlled the master.

The sultry air clung to Treya’s skin as she walked down the final set of steps to the deck extending over the lagoon. He’d set the stage for seduction, a sensual mirage for a hot summer night. Flickering flameless candles surrounded a bed draped in white. Soft music played, tiny lights twinkled along the deck rails and overhead the inky sky was awash with stars.

Lochlan greeted her with a slow intake of breath.

He took her hand, lifted it palm up to his lips. The contact sent a shiver sliding along her spine. “You look magnificent.” Backless, the gown fell in a sheer layer from a jeweled collar to her ankles.

“So do you.” Dressed in loose black shirt and black pants, Lochlan looked stunning. His glossy hair spilled in unruly waves to his shoulders and the ruby in his left ear sparkled.


He wanted to build the tension and she intended to let him.

Treya accepted both the expensive drink and the brush of his fingertips down her spine. Reaching the small of her back, he caressed her warm flesh. She shuddered.

He threw his glass over the rail and pulled her hard against him. “I can’t take it.” Hot and bordering on brutal, his mouth took hers.

Raw need dissolved all reason. Heat licked through her. She fisted his shirt and held on. His big hand gripped her ass, bringing her flush against him. Thick and promising, the hard ridge of him dug into her belly. Heat poured off his body, penetrating their clothes.

He dragged her gown up, pressed her back against the deck railing. His fingers brushed her pussy, skating over her denuded flesh. Groaning, his hand shot between her legs. Her skin sizzled. Her mind reeled. She grabbed him through the soft material of his trousers. Her breath hitched at his size.

Gasping, he tore his lips from hers. He took a step back, pulling her toward the bed. She yanked him back. “Here. Now.”


Available now at Changeling Press


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