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Summer Passion by B.J. McCall Excerpt 2 (adult)

SUMMER PASSION – a sizzling summer story

Now available in the Heat Stroke I Anthology


Summer Passion

Lochlan has something Treya wants, a valuable aphrodisiac called Summer Passion. She has a buyer and is ready to negotiate.

The sexy ex-pirate turned corporate mogul is willing to bargain, but Lochlan’s price is one night with Treya.




Was he playing with her? Or was he serious? “Don’t fuck with me, Lochlan.”

“That’s exactly what I want to do for one, long, hot summer night.”

His words slid through her brain, a sinful temptation. Things came easily to the rich. They valued the things that didn’t. A pirate turned corporate mogul, Lochlan was one of the richest men in the ‘verse.

Eyeing the vial, Treya stepped closer. “Take a walk on the beach or a stroll around your hotel. Solis 6 is filled with willing partners. Women. Men. Some yet to be determined.”

“I want you.”

Keeping her gaze on the vial, Treya suppressed her urge to smile. “I guess I should be flattered.”

“The price is non-negotiable.” The chain began slipping through his fingers.

“One night?”

He caught the vial. “Tonight. Dusk to dawn.”

Why would he bargain for one night with her when he could buy a harem? “Why me, Lochlan? What’s the catch?”

“I get to do anything I want.”

Excitement and fear shot through her. Treya had wanted Lochlan from the first moment she’d laid eyes on him a year ago, but rich, successful men liked to own and control. No man would ever subjugate her again. One round as a sex slave was more than enough. “No one hurts me, Lochlan. Not ever again.”

“I’d never hurt you, Treya. I promise only to give you intense pleasure.”

“Dusk to dawn and the vial is mine. No strings. No surprises.”

“That’s the deal.”

Available at Changeling Press

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