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Sphinx Awakened – Another Excerpt Just For You.

SphinxAwakened_FINAL_laceyBe enthralled with the fire and passion of the Sphinx Warrior, Hunter, and the uniquely talented and mysterious Lily who captures his heart and Joins with him in both mind and body. Their intense bond will awaken and magnify abilities hidden for centuries in the battle against the enemy of the Sphinx Warriors.

Summary: Prisoner in a mental facility, Lily hopes one day a hero will rescue her. When rescue does come, it is in the form of Hunter, a Sphinx Warrior. Once he touches Lily, both mind and body, Hunter and his inner Sphinx are lost to the influence of her grace and beauty. Lily’s incredible Powers will save Hunter and his intense love will save Lily from certain death. Together they will successfully retrieve the Sixth Page hidden for centuries to further the battle against the dark Wraith enemy.

Please enjoy the following sneak peak of the fifth novel now available in The Sphinx Warriors Series – Sphinx Awakened.

Excerpt: Stunned and dizzy, Hunter pulled himself off the ground pushing the heavy objects off which were holding him down and sat up. Pain lanced through his forehead and every other part of his body. Momentarily he wasn’t sure where in the hell he was, but he knew something was terribly wrong. His vision was foggy and when he wiped at the moisture running down his face he pulled his hand away to find it covered with blood.

His inner Sphinx snarled in fury but Hunter still didn’t know what the hell had just happened. Shouting finally penetrated his foggy brain and he swore it was Ethan and Jacob, but he didn’t understand why they were yelling at him. The sound of Lily’s voice screaming his name finally brought everything into crystal clarity.

In instant fury he forced the remaining rocks and debris off of his body and lurched to his feet. In panic he searched for Lily and found her sitting on the ground farther inside of the tunnel. She struggled to escape the sandstone and sand debris covering her legs and holding her down. The pain on her face tore at him, and in an effort to reach her, he started to climb over the larger stones separating them.

“Hunter stop, you’ll destabilize everything. Let me scan the tunnel and see if I can get you a safe direction to transverse to her.” Ethan yelled and then coughed hoarsely evidently from the thick dust in the air.

“Wait! How can I fucking wait, Ethan! Lily’s hurt, she’s trapped. She needs me. Damn it.” Hunter struggled a few more seconds to get through the rubble and caused more debris to fall around his shoulders. Ethan and Jacob called out warnings again but he refused to listen to them. He had to get to her. Had to get to his Power Mate or die trying. He couldn’t lose her. Refused to lose her.

Closer he inched but his movements caused more debris to fall from above and rain on her head. “Hunter stop! Please,” Lily cried. Her head was bleeding and if not for her micro-chainmail vest and arm gauntlets he was sure her arms and torso would have been torn up as well. Ancients only knew what condition her legs were in, but it was obvious in her expression and the tears running down her face that even with her Sphinx healing, the pressure from the rocks was tormenting her.

Not wanting to harm her further, Hunter stopped his progression, although it cost him dearly as he fought his instinct to rush to her. The muscles in his body were exhausted and now started twitching. A bad sign and he didn’t have much strength to spare at the moment since his body was healing from the pummeling he had just received. Fighting off one of his episodes was pretty slim if it started in.

Squatting so near her and yet so far, Hunter quietly tried to calm Lily and give her hope. “Hold on, Lily. We’ll figure a way to get to you. Just hold on, beauty.”

The sadness in her expression cut him deep and he swore when he got her out of this he would never, ever allow her to be put into this kind of danger again. She might hate him for it but he didn’t care at the moment. Reaching through their inner connection he tried to push what energy he had in her direction and all of the love he felt for her. Even though Lily would know how he felt connected as they were, he still had to say it out loud. Thickly he murmured, “You know I love you, Lily. I love you more than anything, even life itself.”

With tears in her big beautiful hazel eyes, Lily looked at him and in a breaking voice she whispered, “I know Hunter. I love you more than anything. More than even my own life. You have to live and carry on to save your people.”

The ground below them shuddered and Hunter heard her cry out again. She reached for her chest and Hunter was afraid of what type of internal injuries she had. Sphinx could survive but if their Life Power got too low the healing slowed until it stopped along with the heart. She had been through a lot and both of them were low on energy.

Turning towards the opening of the tunnel Hunter growled out, “Ethan what the fuck are you doing? Give me an alternative here.”

Ethan growled back, “Fuck Hunter. I’m trying!” A pause but then in a quieter broken voice he returned, “Nothing. There’s nothing stable in there. You have to get out…”

“No!” Hunter snarled. “I won’t leave her. Get the fuck out of here when Eleina gets back, both of you.”

“Hunter…”Jacob began but Hunter cut him off.

“I’m staying with her. Leave me the fuck here.” Hunter was crazed unable to think any longer. His goal was only to reach her and nothing else. There was nothing left for him if she was lost.

Before he moved very far her quiet voice pulled him back. “Hunter, stop. Please. You have to go. The tunnel is too unstable. You can’t get me out.” He shook his head back and forth trying to deny the words but she continued on with sad acceptance in her voice. “Hunter you need to go and take the Page to them.”

He couldn’t help it, he snarled at her in denial but she ignored his outburst. With shaking hands, she undid her vest and pulled out the silver Sixth Page. With a short burst of her telekinetic Power she shot the Page across the distance to him and he had no choice but to catch it.

Hunter had the impulse to crush the damn Page in his fist but only held on to it. “I’m not leaving Lily.” Nothing she could say would make him leave her.

Tears freely rolled down her cheeks now just as another intense wave of instability rolled through the tunnel. She cried out in fear, her eyes beseeching him but he still refused to leave her. Slowly she raised her hands and sobbed,. “Yes, you will. I love you Hunter.”




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