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New Review for Marketing Exec’s Widow

New Cover for Marketing Exec's Widow

New Cover for Marketing Exec’s Widow

Fabiola Chenet (Reviewer) has just completed feedback for Marketing Exec’s Widow.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Full Text: Marketing exec’s widow is my first Tina Gayle’s book. She is a self-published author and the novel was first published in 2012. Now, Tina has decided to reignite its promotion with a new cover.

Marketing exec’s widow is the first volume of The executives wives club series which contains two other volumes, for now : Birth, published in 2012, and CFO’s affair, published in 2013. This first volume is well written, the writing is fluent and the tone is often moving without being tearful. There is also a very funny, but not romantic, scene. LOL

The executives wives club brings together four women who lost their husband in a car wreck while they were on a business trip. These deaths created a bond between these so different women and the entire series tells us how they are trying to move forward thanks to their support for each other. The last widow is sixty years old, so I’m not sure to want to read her story. However, after reading Marketing exec’s widow, I would like to read the two next installments.
Indeed, even if I found the beginning a little too slow (I must say, I was working on several projects so I was not very concentrated on the book), the more I was reading the story, the more I found it interesting. Tina Gayle succeeded in getting me interested in all the characters of the book, except one: Peter, the heroine’s brother-in-law; who I hated.

In fact, I don’t know how Tina Gayle succeeded this miracle, but except for Peter, there were some characters for whom I didn’t have any sympathy at the beginning, but I ended up liking them. I can cite Craig, the deceased husband, his parents who seem to want to control our heroine, Jennifer Larson, and our hero’s mother.
As for the other nice characters, I didn’t have a hard time to like them until the end of the book.
I loved that the hero, Hagan Cheney, was understanding, determined and aware of his feelings for his heroine.
I loved the heroine. She was torn between her feelings for her deceased husband, the revelations some characters told her, her indecisiveness for her future, and, especially, her feelings for Hagan.
The hot scenes were very well written, which was surprising because I didn’t expect that when I started the book.
In any case, when I closed the book, I didn’t have any doubt Jennifer and Hagan’s future.

There is one thing that I deplored: the synopsis which is not very explicit. I don’t want a synopsis that reveals everything, either, but I think that the synopsis of this book harms the interest the contemporary romance readers should have for this story which deserves to be read.

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  1. Colleen C. says:

    Congrats on the great review!

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