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Legally Bound Extract – Daniel & Jesse – The dysfunctional duo 18+

LBJesse&DanThe dysfunctional duo. 

Well then.Jesse took out a pad of lab paper. Every other lawyer in Chicago used a yellow note pad, but not his partner. Jesses OCD made him use graph paper, on which he wrote a letter in each box. Lets talk about what youre being charged with.

Rafael shifted uncomfortably, like a caged animal. He turned his gaze to Daniel for the first time since they had entered the room. The glance was brief. Then Raf shook his head and tore his eyes away, making Daniel feel like he was the one on trial.

Jesse obviously took notice of the exchange, prompting him to add, Would you be more comfortable if my partner left the room?He looked between them.

Of course, Im sorry.Daniel kicked himself for not thinking of it first, but didnt really know if he should laugh or be embarrassed. Maybe he was preventing Rafael from being more open.

No, the last thing I am is shy, gentlemen.Rafs face held a hint of a smile, curling over the corners of his lips as he looked over again. Daniel sat, more curious than anything else.

Then tell us about what happened last night, please.Jesse had a sheen of sweat on the back of his neck, and he tapped his foot under the desk.

I slept with your friend. I was quite sated, and it seemed he was as well. My compliments to him.Rafael answered with a grin. Then, I went to work, and on my way home, I got picked up by the black and blue, handsome.

Jesse coughed before speaking. For solicitation?He shot Daniel an apologetic look as he said the words.

Ding ding ding!Raf cocked his head to the side, his accent thicker with his sarcasm. Daniel could only stare. This was a whole different side of this man that he hadnt experienced last night. Hed been all gentlemanly then.

I have to ask.Jesse swallowed. Sorry in advance, Dan, if its out of line, but was Rafael picked up after you solicited him?He visibly winced when he glanced back at Daniel again.

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  1. Veronique says:

    Ooo, interesting. On my tbr list.

  2. Laurie P says:

    Well now, I’m intrigued…going on my TBR pile.

  3. sherry1969 says:

    Sounds very interesting.

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