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Excerpt from Something About Jayden

Jaydencover   Here’s a snippet from Jayden


Jayden couldn’t believe his luck. Silas Denton, Jr. hired him right on the spot, without an interview or anything. He was too busy talking about his Twitter followers and his last trip to Europe to hear anything he had to say. Still, it was the chance he’d been looking for, and he wouldn’t question the man’s method.


Still in shock, he only nodded when Isaac Bridges talked to him about the company, telling him things he already knew from his research. He was grateful though, and Isaac seemed like he’d be an excellent person to work under. Who better to teach him the tricks of the trade than someone like Isaac who seemed to have clear goals to move the company forward?

If only he were gay. Dang the man is hot!

Jayden moistened his lips, continuing to eye the hot and very straight Mr. Isaac Bridges. He was tall with a clean shaven head. From the looks of him he worked out regularly, probably with his lovely wife at the local fitness clubs. Jayden’s eyes met his brown gaze, making something flutter underneath his trousers. Thank goodness he could at least ogle the man when they worked together.

I’d rather it be him than Mr. Denton.

“Honestly, Jayden, Denton could benefit greatly from having someone new like you to bring in great ideas. And actually, we’re presenting our services to a Hispanic family owned company on the south side that deals with flooring and handcrafted furnishings. They want someone to do advertising for them that draws more business into their shop; and maybe, you working there might land that opportunity for us.” Isaac bent his head and smiled.

“Um, that’s great, Mr. Bridges. May I ask what the name of the company is then I can get right on it.” Jayden shook his head to get out from under the entrancing glance from Isaac Bridges. He pulled a pen from his inside pocket and turned over the envelope.

Isaac laughed, “Damn, Jayden, you’re eager to work, and I like that, but… it is the holiday. Besides, you’re about to go on Christmas break, aren’t you? We probably won’t be making this presentation until January.

Jayden bit his lips, and his shoulders tensed. He really hated this time of year because it brought back such bad memories. Lydia made it better though, and he’d enjoy it just for her benefit. Still, Jayden wanted the information, so he could look up the company. Besides, this would distract him from staring at the happily married man he’d be working with. “Yes, I know. I’m assuming Mr. Denton will ask me to come in even if I’m not in school.”

“Fine then, young man. It’s Rosario Furnishings. They’re a small company who’d like a local firm doing their ads for national magazines. It’s a small account, but Mr. Denton wants to gain more of a presence in the community with minority owned businesses. We’ve taken so many big accounts that the local ones are being overlooked. We need to gain that confidence within the Hispanic and Black communities to remain strong into the future.”

“I totally agree, and I love that approach. Building that confidence in local businesses will put Denton in the forefront for sure. I’ll do some digging and come in with ideas you can look at. I hope to sit in on some of these meetings too.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will, Jayden.” Isaac let go of his wife’s hand and reached forward, grasping Jayden’s shoulder blade. Jayden’s breath hitched from Isaac’s touch. He had to admit, the caramel-skinned man was quite a hottie. Light brown eyes met his, sending a surge of energy down to his groin.

Keep it together, Jayden. This is business, not a social call.

“This will be a great experience for you as you move forward in your career goals, my friend. Denton is the best place for you to start, especially right after graduate school. And I’m telling you, take full advantage of all the knowledge you’re gaining, son. It will do nothing but benefit you in the long run.” Isaac shook his bicep and patted it with a smile.


Jayden grasped the pen tightly in his hand then stopped. If he did it any harder it would burst from the pressure. “Um, yeah, I intend to do just that, Mr. Bridges, no worries there. I won’t let you down.”


  1. Veronique says:

    Love it, going on my TBR list.

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