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Confessions of the Sausage Queen


I’ve had a hard time defining exactly what Confessions of the Sausage Queen is. It’s a little chick lit, a little romance, a little mystery and a whole lot of crazy thrown together to make up the story of Mandy Minhouser, a small town girl who, through no fault of her own, becomes CEO of  her hometown’s largest employer, Bill’s Big and Tasty Sausage.  The book features a large cast of lovable kooks, including but not limited to Mandy’s margarita drinking Gran Lila,  her on-again off-again eastern thought guitar playing husband Randy, her shopaholic sister Mindy, her delinquent-turned cop brother-in-law Ricky, and Rick’s brother Stannie the Stoner. Front and center is Mandy herself, a small town girl with a big heart, who rises to become The Sausage Queen.

I hope you’ll have a look!

Here’s a little teaser excerpt from the book

 “Mother Veronica’s going to change her name,” Randy sang, strumming the guitar. “Wally’s in a corner with a paper bag. Lila was found with Bill, and Bill was in drag.” Randy finished the rendition.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Nice,” I said.

“Not as nice as you in a dress.” There it was again. The look. And, okay, I was giving back the look. Only in my case, Randy is a chocolate éclair and I’m worried about the calories.
“Ah hell.” I started for the trailer’s front door, grabbing Randy’s hand in the process. I had my dress unzipped in the living
room. Randy finished the job in the bedroom.“We have to be quick,” I said. “I’ve got a funeral to get to.”

Okay, here’s the other thing about Randy. The other thing, which I guess you’ve probably figured out by now, given the reference to the bedroom and the hasty clothing removal, is that Randy is a sexual genius. Maybe it’s connected to the whole no-embarrassment thing, but Randy in bed is an explosion. Just thinking about Randy in bed makes me tingle. I told him that once after a really fine…Well, this one time where he somehow managed to pretzel his legs over my shoulders and…You get the picture, right?


Download the Sausage Queen from Amazon or Champagne Books

For more on the story, including a nifty trailer, check out the Confessions of the Sausage Queen page of my website


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