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BROUGHT TO HIS KNEES boxed set – 11 NEW novellas about Alpha males brought down by love – 99¢




Brought to His Knees was just reviewed by Everybody Needs a Little Romance.

Brought to his knees_3d_web


Here’s the review for Make Me Surrender, my novella.

The boxed set received an overall 4.5 rating!


Make Me Surrender cover art for July Newsletter - 3

Make Me Surrender by Tina Donahue

4.5 Stars

Hotness Rating 4 out of 5

Holy hot threesome! This book was amazing! I loved the characters in this story. They all had very different personalities, strengths, and backgrounds, yet I can’t imagine their lives turning out any other way than they did by the end of this story. 

Dutch and Travis have shared many women over the years that they’ve been friends. Their life has always worked well for them. Love ‘em and leave ‘em whether that be together with the same chick or one on one. The only hard core rule that they held was no commitment and they made always made this clear to the woman of the hour. But, with Mercy things are different. She’s off limits!

Mercy has always wanted Dutch and Travis. She’s heard of their escapades, so she knows this idea has some merit. But, they just never treat her as anything more than a friend. She has decided to take matters into her hands and to do that she appeals to their kindness begging for the cook position open at the bar that Travis owns and to move into the extra cabin they have available. She needs them to see her as a capable woman.

I gave Brought To His Knees an overall 4.5 Flaming Hearts
4.5 Hearts

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  1. Laurie P says:

    Love the 1Nightstand series!

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