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August is Hot – B.J. McCall

It’s August, the hottest month of the year for those us who live in North America. The days are hot and the nights are sultry. What better way to beat the heat – have a Heat Stroke.

Heat Stroke 1 – Seven sexy summer sizzlers to set the night on fire!

 B.J. McCall — Summer Passion: Lochlan has something Treya wants. The sexy ex-pirate turned corporate mogul is willing to bargain, but Lochlan’s price is one night with Treya.

 Lena Austin — Paws to Heal: Duke, Katriena, and Eduardo must pause to heal the breach and bring and welcome the return of their former lover back into their packs.

 Mary Winter — Catch and Release: Gator Goddess Sylvie Skylar she can’t bring Remy into her world of cameras and paparazzi — and she can’t let him go either. She has to hope he’ll show up again and that he can recreate their explosive sexual chemistry.

 Hunter Raines — Sanctuary by Fire: Can a scarred vampire find sanctuary in the arms of a human? Reed believes he can. Over and over and over again.

 L.Shannon — Second Chance: It’s time for the demon to do something to exorcise the human from his nightly erotic dreams.

 Leila Brown — Fire and Isis: Isis is desperate enough to use a speed dating service to find a man who can withstand subzero sex with her. Kenneth, aka Fire, has every intention of showing her just how hot sex with him can get.

 Marie Treanor — Cool Pool: Emma discovers something more than water lives in her parent’s pool, distributing happiness while it looks for a way home.

 To celebrate the August heat, I’ll be posting excerpts from Summer Passion, my contribution to Heat Stroke 1, a great box set at a sizzling price.

Welcome to the party,



HEAT STROKE  I – available from Changeling Press

August Summer Sizzler Sale — use the code SummerSizzlers14 for 10% off your entire order when you buy any new release at during the month of August.

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