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A Little Morning Champagne with the Vampire King of New York

Vampire King of New York is now available in print and Kindle at Amazon, in print and Nook at Barnes VampyreKingOfNewYork_higres (2)and Noble and in Kobo.  What can I tell you about King Max?  He’s a king over all the vampires in New York State and Iceland.  Living for thousands of years can be fun or it can be dreary.  Even he’s handsome and rich beyond avarice, there is one thing missing from his life that make his eternity bleak. He doesn’t have love, and it can only come from one woman, his lifemate.  He hasn’t met her yet and things are looking grim.

So what does a former Viking and current CEO of a multinational corporation do?  He goes to his Viking ice cave, of course, to pray to Odin, Thor, and Freya.  He boasts that if he cannot find the woman to heal his heart, he will be forever encased in ice.  The Goddess Freya appears and agrees that if he doesn’t find her, he will be encased in ice. (What do we learn from this?  Don’t brag in front of statues of ancient Gods.)   Freya is nice enough to point Max in the right direction and he’s off to New York City.

Now about my contest: I will be giving to one lucky commenter who lives in the USA, a signed print copy of Vampire King of New York.  The contest starts here and ends when the End of Summer Bash does. Every time you comment with “I love Max,” along with your name and email, I will enter your name in the hat.  Only one comment per post. Contest void where prohibited by law.  Good luck, everyone!

It’s a brand new day.  Why not have a sip of champagne to give a zing to your coffee?  Better yet, why not take a bath with Max in a gold tub filled with champagne!  Now that’s how to start a morning.

Susan Hanniford Crowley



  1. Colleen C. says:

    I love Max! 😀
    Colleen C.
    greenshamrock at cox dot net

  2. JanD says:

    Very nice cover & a gold tub filled with champagne sounds heavenly.

    I love Max!
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

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