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Excerpt 2 from Avalanche by Saloni Quinby


by Saloni Quinby

(Witches and Wolves 4)

M/M/F Shapeshifter

Coming soon from Changeling Press


The following excerpt from Avalanche is for readers 18 and over.


It was cold inside, but Tyler started a fire.


“Got anything to eat around here?” Chloe asked.


“I have some stuff in the kitchen.” Tyler pointed to the door at the far end of the room.

Another doorway to the right led to the bedroom. From where he sat on the cozy plaid couch, Torrance could see the neatly made bed and an oak dresser.


“Help yourself to whatever I’ve got,” Tyler continued. “I hadn’t planned to be around for a couple of weeks at least, so I’ll need to get more food.”


Chloe disappeared into the kitchen.


Once Tyler got the fire going, he joined Torrance on the couch.


“What did you tell Andre to get him to trust you?”


“The truth.”


“Care to clue me in?”


Torrance sighed and closed his eyes.


Calloused fingertips brushed his neck and his eyes flew open. He found himself staring into Tyler’s dark ones.


“Sometimes I’d like to take a piece out of Riley. Arrogant prick.” Tyler continued stroking Torrance’s neck.




“Sorry.” Tyler dropped his hand. “Didn’t mean to offend you.”


“You didn’t. It’s just. . .” Torrance swallowed. “You must know by now that getting close to me can be. . .My energy is low right now. I’m liable to take it any way I can get it.”


“That’s what I’m here for, Torrance. To help.”


Their gazes met and Torrance’s heart skipped a beat. This was the second time Tyler was offering himself as a power source. The first time at the clinic, Torrance wasn’t sure exactly what he’d meant, but this time there was no mistaking the hunky wolf’s words.


“Tyler, are you offering yourself to me?” Torrance asked with a faint smile.


“Excuse me?” Chloe demanded, approaching with three steaming mugs. “He’s offering himself? I thought I did first.”


Torrance raised an eyebrow. He’d once had a power source, matched to him by his coven. When Leta had turned to the world of demons, he’d recharged by leeching the sexual energy of others, through watching at pleasure houses–a method that sickened and degraded him. He’d waited until he became desperate, unable to continue his fight against demons without replenishing his magical energy.


When he’d met Chloe, he couldn’t leave her, even to recharge, lest the demons attack in his absence. He was about as desperate for energy as he’d ever been and had never expected two people would argue over supplying him.


“Fine. It’s his preference,” Tyler said. “I just figured wolf energy might increase his strength.”


Chloe looked a bit hurt. “You might be right, but–“


Torrance laughed.


“What’s so funny?” Tyler demanded.


“This is bizarre, having two people offering themselves as a power source.”


“Which one do you want?” Tyler asked bluntly.


“Can I be greedy and have both?” Torrance suggested playfully.


  1. ELF says:

    Yum, looks like quite a relationship dynamic! Thanks for sharing.

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