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Another Excerpt from Shattered Trust

***Please note this post contains adult material – If you’re not 18, read something else!***

Again, huge thanks and kudos to the awesome team over at The Romance Studio! Y’all totally rock!


Okay, one last snippet from Shattered Trust before I leave you today…available now!


Growling under his breath, Liam snagged Kate’s arm and shepherded her to the far end of the bar. He angled her behind the jukebox, took a step back and crossed his arms. “If Marie comes in, I’ll see her before she sees you. Now show me.”

“This really isn’t necessary. I said I was fine.”

“Like you said you were fine with a blindfold?”

Her lashes swept low over her reddening cheeks. He knew it was a low blow, but didn’t care. He needed to make sure she was really all right. Her trembling fingers worked the top button free, then the second and third. He kept his gaze riveted to the revealed skin.

The camisole was pale yellow and even before she’d slip the last button out, he could see the livid marks weaving out from her left breast. Pride quickly filled his chest at what Kate allowed him to do, but just as fast dismay roiled his gut that maybe he’d been too rough. When her shirt hung open, she gripped the undergarment and slowly peeled it up.

The underside of the fleshy skin was already a bruising purple color with bluish, red tentacles extending to her flat stomach. The areola was also a dark ruby and her nipple a tight bud. Her chest fluctuated with her slim breaths. He bent low to inspect the injured area more closely.

His hand hovered over her breast, feeling the warmth radiating up. He glanced at her face.

Her lids were half-closed, her lips parted.

“May I touch?” It sounded like his voice came from the bottom of a well.


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