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Mercenaries 2: Running Scared by Anne Kane (R)(IR)(Futuristic)

 This is Book 2 of the Mercenaries series, and Book Three – Riding Shotgun will be out next month 🙂


Series: Mercenaries

Title: Running Scared

 Genres/Themes: Urban Fantasy, Futuristic, Inter-racial

Release Date:  August 9th, 2013

Author: Anne Kane

Publisher URL  Changeling Press – Erotic Fiction




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She was a genetic experiment that was never supposed to get out of the lab. If the government finds her they will kill her without hesitation. Her memories of her early life are sketchy but the one clear image she has is of a brother who saved her life, and then disappeared.

Jackson knows what it’s like to lose your entire family in one bloody instant, and he vows to help Saralyn find hers. It doesn’t hurt that he finds her irresistibly sexy or that the attraction is mutual. They enlist the rest of the mercenary team in a search operation that takes them into the heart of the corrupt government.


Saralyn considered breaking free of the circle of his arms. She opened her mouth, tilting her head back to tell him to keep his hands to himself but the look in his eyes made the words melt away unspoken. Pure sensual heat blazed from their depths, igniting a matching flame deep inside her. Combine that look with the arousing male scent rising from his hard body, and she had to make a real effort not to melt against him like some pathetic doxy from the local bar pool.

She pushed ineffectually against the iron band of his arms. “I promise I won’t go upset your antisocial buddy, so you can let me go now.”

A spark of humor curved the corner of his sensual lips. “Relax. I’m not going to bite you. Unless you want me to, of course. It’s going to take Trace some time to get a line on your brother so we might as well kill the time exploring the spark between us.”

Sunlight flooded through the window behind her, highlighting the rugged line of his jaw and the muscular line of his shoulders. Damn! Now that she was so close to solving the mystery of her past, the last thing she needed was some muscle-bound mercenary distracting her from her goal.

She fixed him with a steely look. “While I appreciate you letting me ask your team for help in finding my brother, that does not give you any kind of rights to my body. So, if you don’t get your hands off me I’m going to have to hurt you.”

Jackson stared at her in disbelief for a long second before he snorted out a laugh. “You’re going to hurt me? That’s cute.”

Okay, that was the last straw. Drawing in a deep breath, she stomped down on his instep as hard as she could while giving him a sharp elbow to the diaphragm.

Unfortunately the whole thing would have gone better if he hadn’t moved his foot at the last second and turned his body slightly so that the lethal elbow she’d intended to knock the breath out of him barely managed to make contact with the edge of his ribs.

“Not nice.” His breath fanned across her cheek, warm and intimate. “You don’t really want to fight me and you know it.”

“I don’t?” She kept her voice low, not wanting to attract the attention of the rest of the team. “What makes you think you have any idea about what I want?”

“I can feel your heart beating against me, the rhythm increasing every time I touch you. Your eyes are sparkling with desire, and I’m willing to bet your pussy is getting wet in anticipation. I don’t have to be a rocket jockey to know that means you want to feel me buried deep inside you almost as much as I want to feel your hot sex closing tight around my cock.”

He wanted her! The mental image that his words conjured up left her feeling breathless and needy. This was insane. Sex was a tool that she used to get what she wanted. She never let herself get emotionally involved, and yet she found herself wondering what Jackson’s preferences were, and if she’d live up to his expectations.


It was hormones. That’s all. She’d been celibate too long. She just needed to get laid and get him out of her system. Jackson was obviously willing. More than willing if that lump pressing into her belly was any indication. Reaching up, she wound her arms around his neck.

Jackson chucked softly. “Now that’s more like it.” Lowering his face, he skimmed a soft kiss across her parted lips. “How about we retire to my room? Much as I’d love to take you right here on the floor, I don’t want the rest of the team wandering in and disturbing us.”

It was her turn to chuckle. “Not into sharing? That’s too bad. Your sarge looked like he could make a girl very happy.”

“I’m sure he makes Dee very happy. And she returns the favour, so you’re going to have to settle for just me. And no, I definitely don’t like the idea of sharing one luscious square of your tender flesh with my teammates. They can damn well go find their own women.”

Saralyn jumped as his hand came down on her buttocks, just hard enough to smart. He didn’t want to share her. Now why did that send a hot thrill spiralling through her gut? “So where’s this room of yours?”

“Not nearly as close as I’d like.”

In the blink of an eye Saralyn found herself scooped up in Jackson’s muscular arms. Striding out of the common room, he headed down a long hallway and kicked open a door on the left. He ducked to avoid hitting his head on the low doorway, crossing the room to toss her on an overstuffed bed against the far wall.

“Strip.” He grunted out the single word, and then proceeded to follow his own order. Saralyn sucked in a long breath as he skimmed his pants down over his hips, uncovering his cock. Long and thick, it curved proudly upward. Oh yeah. She needed to get herself some of that.

Completely naked, Jackson pounced on the bed, straddling her. Flashing her a wide, sexy grin, he cupped her head in his hands. “So how come you still have clothes on?”




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