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Fire-Blowing Excerpt 5 B.J. McCall

It’s August. It’s hot in California– Just the way dragons like it. Today, I’ll be posting fire-blowing excerpts from my Dragonfire series. This excerpt is from Covenant, the fourth book in the series.

Signing off. Good Night.


She’s got seduction in mind. One night. Her way.

Thanks to a mysterious covenant, Byrne Tregaron and Livia Hazac will be bonded for life. Livia is getting the mate of her dreams, a dragon who doesn’t know she exists.

Byrne is getting a mate he doesn’t want, but he can’t break the covenant without shaming his clan. Byrne is spending his last night as an unmated dragon his way, a blowout last-hours-of-freedom party.

Livia is aware that Byrne doesn’t want a Hazac for a mate and for him keeping the covenant is a matter of honor, not desire. She has one shot to capture her dragon on her terms. She attends Byrne’s party with seduction in mind.

One night. Her way.



Praise for Covenant

 “I like this world Ms. McCall has created, one with passion and desire around every corner… The characters in this one were well developed, and I enjoyed the interaction between all of them.”

— 4.5 Stars from Foxglove, Long and Short Reviews


“…the main characters will stay in your mind after reading the last page. There [are] also some love scenes in this book that might leave you so hot you will need either an ice cube or fan to cool your body off after reading them.”

4 Stars from Arianne, Night Owl Reviews




Byrne took a deep breath, inhaling the blonde’s scent again before stuffing the silk into his pants pocket. He stepped out of his flip-flops and stripped off his clothing.

He ran toward the water and leapt into the air, a flash of green signaling his shift from man to dragon. The shifting takeoff technique perfected by his training was now second nature to Byrne.

In seconds, he was high in the sky.

Flapping his broad wings, he flew out to sea. Putting his training to work, Byrne flew in a circular pattern, broadening his search with each orbit. She was out here and he was determined to find her. On the third loop, he caught her scent floating on the breeze and roared in pleasure. He whipped his long tail and headed for his target.

His forced bonding looming over his head, Byrne would not be denied this female, this final pleasure. Her scent calling to him, his alpha dragon was on full alert.

He spotted a flash of dark amber, moonlight glinting off scales. Whipping his tail, he shot high in the sky. As she flew beneath him, Byrne matched his speed to hers.

She was a magnificent dragon, with a graceful neck, strong wingbeats and a long slender tail.

He roared.

Her head jerked up and she missed a wingbeat, slipping into a dive and falling a good twenty feet before catching wind beneath her beautiful wings.

He spewed fire and dropped down next to her. Byrne roared and showered the air with sparks. She didn’t roar back.

Byrne raised his head and pumped his wings, gaining altitude. Flying right above her, Byrne slid the tip of his tail along her flank, then along the underside of her tail. The alpha dragon flirtation was blatantly sexual.

Would she fly away or respond in kind?



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    Night! Thanks for sharing your posts!

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