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Fire-Blowing Excerpt 3 B.J. McCall

It’s August. It’s hot in California– Just the way dragons like it. Today, I’ll be posting fire-blowing excerpts from my Dragonfire series. This excerpt is from Covert, the third book in the series.


Rogue dragons are committing crimes. Anti-shifters activists are demanding action. A human vigilante militia has formed. The good dragons have come up with a plan. Undercover dragon warrior Velka Krytt’s mission is to bring the Rogues to justice.

Law enforcement has a different plan. Undercover human cop Aric Exeter’s mission is to bust the Vigilante organization.

When their missions collide, they are forced to go on the run. Hunted by the Rogues and Vigilantes, Velka and Aric must join forces to survive the danger coming at them and the fire flaming between them. Things are getting dragonfire hot.


Praise for Covert

“The various twist and turns that the author introduced into this story as well as the characters really created a dynamic story that was truly entertaining.”

Peppermint, Long and Short Reviews





She looked at Aric. “As soon as I clear the way, drive and don’t look back.”

Then her fists clenched and in a flash of green, her size increased. The woman disappeared and before him stood a green dragon. He’d seen her in dragon form on the night of the robbery, but the night vision goggles blurred her brilliant, shimmering scales.

Her horned head was enormous and a slash of red scales ran down her neck and across her flank like a long flame. Her talons looked lethal and her thick tail swished from side-to-side.

The dragons shot flames, their fire falling short of touching Velka. But there were three of them and they had her surrounded.

She snapped her wings open and the resulting gust ruffled Aric’s hair.

Velka bared teeth longer than his fingers, fluttered her wings, then spewed fire. A long arcing flame hit one of the dragons in the face. The dragon screamed and shook its head.

The engine was still running, so Aric turned the bike. He raised his weapon and pointed it at the dragon behind Velka. Aiming for its big, yellow eye, he pulled the trigger. The automatic pumped three bullets. Screaming, the dragon swung its head from side-to-side.

Aric glanced at Velka. She turned her fury on the dragon belching fire. Flames collided, turning the underpass into an oven.

Aric shot a few more rounds. The wounded dragon fled, disappearing into the sky.

Velka had entered into a firefight with the dragon that had stood its ground. Her flames were more powerful and forced it back. The dragon she’d burned rejoined the firefight, blowing more smoke than fire.

She charged the two dragons blocking her path. They retreated and launched into the air. Velka cleared the underpass, flapped her wings, and went after them.

Aric drove out of the underpass and watched the fight continue. Wings flapped. Tails slashed. Barbs flashed.

Velka soared, folded her wings, and dove at the dragons. They separated, allowing her to take the burned dragon out with the swipe of her tail to its wing. Broken, the wing hung useless. Flapping its good wing, the dragon spun around and hit the ground.

Aric had never witnessed a dragon fight, but Velka performed with the flare, grit and agility of a skilled combat flyer. A fighter pilot would find her maneuvers a challenge.




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